Wednesday, September 24, 2008


Recently i love to listen to Jay's song ... i love many songs of him ... every lyrics are meaningful ... from the old album till new album ... i think almost all of it are nicee ~ exception for those what ninja or " hi hi ha ha " songs or what dragon fist bla bla ~ =.=

i am dead ... because i am out of $$ ~ no $$ = die , no car = no freedom .... i wish i could drive to anywhere i like with unlimited petrol ~ then i will ran to a place where nobody knows me.... because i doesnt have to bother what ppl thoughts of me ... who cares on stranger ? so i can be me , can be as crazy as i can ... be what i want to be ... i can express whatever feelings or emotions ... i cant find my purpose of life...i have no clue that what should i do next whenever i wake up ... i am looking for happiness , but where is it ? when i can laugh truly from heart ? my arbitrariness temper makes me want to own everything i loved ~ i want to do whatever i want to ~

Human are strange ... it is easy to understand ourself but hard to understand others ... when we want it badly while others might doesnt want it at all ... when we need concern , i think others does not think so .... then i think the gap between them started to appear ... when we think of left , the others might think of right ... its hard to let ppl understand what the hell we are thinking if we keep silent ... silence is gold ~ yes i agree but must in specific condition mah ... then there is another condition where gap appeared ... when egotism is a important matter to someone , then everything is meaningless ... i do hate egocentric ppl ~ why do u so self-centred and does not think for others ? if u r so self-centred why dun just live alone in a deserted island where u can live all alone ~ i do hate it so much ... never think for others ... however , thank god i havent meet someone are egocentric till i cant stand ~ why u cant think for others ? why always think all for yourself ? if u really such person , then u are just living in ur own world without friends ~ aint world without strangersss =.=

Life with only grey colours really gloomy ~ it symbolize of boredom, decay, decrepitude, dullness, dust, entanglement, strong emotions ~ so make your day with different colour ~ everyday are different colour to me ~ today would be grey because i have lots of issue and matter ~


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