Spreading My Wings ~

Thursday, September 18, 2008


Yes !! finally left 1 subject !! this subject does not need to worry laaa ~ i think quite easy compare to others subject ~ hohoho ! my fav subject of all ~ Mass Comm ! Today is Account exam , this is my fearest subject of all ! dun ask me why , i dunno too ... i felt nervous a day before Acc exam ... my palm started to sweat when im doin acc exercise ... mama ah ! Four of us didnt sleep for the whole night but we sleep in the morning ! we study till 6 Am morning , Chin yew is the most pity , we grab him and dun let him sleep to teach us account ~ hahaha ~ but i think he quite willing too ~~ then we go for breakfast at Ghany ... Allen like a starving ghost ... he keep on say hungry hungry hungry ~ he ate a tosai , mamak mee goreng and 1/4 of my tosai and half plate of my bihun goreng pattaya ~ seeeeeee how incredible his stomach is yet he is still so slim !! grrrr ~ After having breakfast , we still manage to go to westlake to watch sunrise ~ i didn see any sunrise la... just see a few aunties uncles walking here and there , some geliman cycle around ~ then i cannot tahan d ! i wanna go bck take a nap .... i sleep till 11 am then quickly wake up and continue to do exercise ~ well , me and Edmund already knew we couldnt balanced it from the beginning but the amount we calculated was so WRONG ~ we get - RM7,000,000 in the balance sheet while another is RM690,000 ~ when i saw this amount , i felt so sorry to my parents because i definitely couldnt be a accountant ~ which company hired me as a accountant , definitely will bankrupt ... hahahaha~

Okayyy , its time for EXAM !! When i entered the exam hall , i think i could hear my heartbeat ! apa lah ... kenapa ni ??? then when i sat down , Jason looked at me and shake his head ... because im late ... hahah ! then , when i start to fill in my information ... i wrote wrongly =.=" i write my course into examination unit ! so swt ... then my stomach start to "work " ... yes , it was like roses in full bloom, there the butterfly come ( buttefly in stomach ! ) so swt ..... hungry + nervous + anxiety ! many type of sound u can hear ... just like beatbox in ur stomach ~ then suddenly , my hp rang ~ thank god i put silent mode !! but the vibration so strong that everyone looked at me =.=" then i quickly turn it off ~ When i look at the first question , guess whats on my mind .... i read for many times and i think so long , is this account ? walao eh ! write what internal external .... apa itu ~~ then i didn memorize any concept .... just writing nonsense .... well others ok la ... except for the DEPRECIATION ! when i saw that , i dunno what to say ... speechless ~ in reducing method , i have no clue at all .... then i skip ~ skip ~ to Q 3 and Q 4 .... thank god i could balance Q3 .... for Q4 , it is IMPOSSIBLE to balance ~ the partnership income statement i still can manage but for balance sheet really shit lo... i forget the method of partnership .... then just follow the normal balance sheet method ... aduh .... however , i think there is 30% i can pass ba ~ i really hope i can pass this subject ! i dunwan face this subject again in next sem ... hope every subject can passed ! yeppie ... coz i really put many effort in ~ i had sacrificed my face for this ~ black eye circle and pimples ! Sigh ~

Now , i can slightly spread my wings ~ hohoho , gonna fly !!! cant wait for sem break ~


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