Birthday Present

Thursday, September 25, 2008


Birthday present i said i will give u then i will buy for u...

if u want me cincai go ipoh buy oso hard ... how to cincai ... u r my best fren .... unlike others ppl ... cincai ~ how to cincai ?

i want to buy what for u oso no idea ... what oso got , u didn lack of what ... how u wan me to cincai ...

i am ordering something special ... wait at least one month ... or u want me very cincai go buy anything and named as birthday present ? which u prefer ? i want something special okie ??

for so long , i havent found something special and unique for u , then weeks ago , i found it ... then some ridiculous incident happened ! Plus , the supplier havent reply me msg , how i gonna buy for u ? i drive to selangor and get it issit ? ~

so u want special gift that u will love it or ordinary gift that u can guess , know how much and where to buy .... which u prefer ?

if u werent my best fren , i will just buy it at jusco a long time ago ~ btw sorry for letting u wait sooo long
and u lied to Allen bout that , i just cant believe u just reply me perfunctorily and lie to us just to help me manage my exam !! Well thank you because it does not work and now u hurt me twice deeper than before ! thank you for all the sadness u gave me ! okay , now u disappointed me lotsss ! more than whatever u said before ... about that fellow's blog , i just cant believe u agree with all he said ... every words cut deeply into my heart and u just agree with every words and sentences !
For the fellow , i just cant accept what u've done to me ur blog ! and u want me to face u with smile ? sorry i cant pretend im okayy ... and i doesnt want to ashame u in front of so many ppl ..

p/s : about the midnight post , yes u r included !


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