Making Ice Cream

Tuesday, September 30, 2008


Today , i took breakfast with them and with 4 friends of them ~ we ate bak kut teh ~ it taste really nice but abit too sweet today ~ i am so paiseh to take food that far from me bcoz their new friends at there ~ just feeling strange ~ then i just eat food that near, in front of me ~ After that , we go to Denise house bcoz they said wanna make ice cream ~ so we go and buy ingredient ~ here we go ...

Here are the ingredient ~ 1 Litre of milk , caster sugar , 500g of Coffeemate , Chocolates ( Optional )

Melting the chocolates ~

Stir Stir Stir for dunno how long =__=

It taste like chocolate milk ~

Due to the reason that Denise forgotten where her mom put the food processor ~ we search everywhere also cant find it , and i have the machine but didn have the stick ~ Jackson have the stick but didn have the machine =___="

So we decided to use ......................

Hahaha blender ~ almost same lah ~ hahaha ~ then just blend for dunno how many minutes =__= we didnt count ~

After dunno how many minutes , then just pour into tupperware and put into freezer for one day ~

As you can see , the percentage of success is 10 % ~ hahaha hopefully , we can enjoy the ice cream tomorrow ~ nonono , just hope that the ice cream is eatable ~ hahaha ~ Result will be out tomorrow , Stay Tune !

(p/s: we did enjoy the process of making ice cream ~ screaming all the way )

Bored To The Max ~


keep all my feelings in my eyes , always go around , had u realise my love ? After happy together , i will step backward , as long you are happy , this feelings too deep , its hard to describe , if u heard it , u might leave me , this kinda of love is rare , doesn have to own it , i will bless u then let u go , let go , let go of everything , then we will have more freedom , let go , actually i havent love enough , let go , put many effort on you , as long you are still my best friend , this is enough for me .. the far universe , silently behind me , watching you from far away is enough , this kind of love too deep , its hard to describe , even though i had a actuation to hold your hand , this kind of love too rare , doesn have to own it , forego , i have to let you go although i doesnt want to , let go , let go of everything , let us have more freedom , let go , actually i havent love enough , let go , put many effort on you , as long you are still my best friend , let go , my worry towards on you are endless , let go , hope u happy and own everything , maybe , love is too deep , i see through it , let go , at least i can owned u ...

Guess A Song From Raymond ~ I am so bored that translate his lyric into english =___= So swt right ? but anyone understand what am i writting ? paiseh , lets deal with my poor english ~

Guess what song is it ? Anyone ?

Hawtttt !

Whats Wrong With The Air-Con , My Dear ???

U Make Me Sweat !!!

( p/s : Moody )

Link From Crush To It's Over

Monday, September 29, 2008

i hang up the phone tonight, something happened for the first time , deep inside , it was a rush , what a rush , coz the possibility that you would feel the same way about me , just too much , why do i keep running from the truth , all i ever think about is you , u got me hypnotized so mesmerized and i just got to know , do you ever think when u all alone , all that we can be , where this thing could go , am i crazy or falling in love, is it really just another crush , do you catch your breath when i look at you , are u holding back , like the way u do , cause im trying trying to walk away , but i know this crush aint goin away , has it ever cross your mind ? when we were hanging , spending time , are we just friends , is there more , is there more ? see its a chance gotta take , cause i believe we make something that will last forever, forever, forever ...
By David Archuleta - Crush

Shadows fill an empty heart, As love is fading, From all the things that we are, But are not saying, Can we see beyond the scars and make it to the dawn? Change the colors of the sky and open up to, The ways you made me feel alive, The ways I loved you. For all the things that never died, To make it through the night, Love will find you.What about now?What about today?What if you're making me all that I was meant to be?What if our love never went away?What if it's lost behind words we could never find?Baby, before it's too late,What about now?The sun is breaking in your eyesTo start a new day.This broken heart can still surviveWith a touch of your grace.Shadows fade into the light.I am by your side,Where love will find you.What about now?What about today?What if you're making me all that I was meant to be?What if our love, it never went away?What if it's lost behind words we could never find?Baby, before it's too late,What about now?Now that we're here,Now that we've come this far,Just hold on.There is nothing to fear,For I am right beside you.For all my life,I am yours.What about now?What about today?What if you're making me all that I was meant to be?What if our love never went away?What if it's lost behind words we could never find?What about now?What about today?What if you're making me all that I was meant to be?What if our love never went away?What if it's lost behind words we could never find?Baby, before it's too late,Baby, before it's too late,Baby, before it's too late,What about now?

By Chris Daughtry - What About Now

We've run out of words we've run out of time We've run out of reasons really why we together We both know it's over baby bottom line It's best we don't even talk at all Don't call me even if I should cross your mind Hard enough I don't need to hear your voice on my messages Let's just call it quits it's probably better So if I'm not returning your calls it's 'cause 'Cause I'm not comin' back I'm closing the door I used to be trippin' over missin' you but I'm not anymore I got the picture phone but baby your picture's gone Couldn't stand to see your smile every time you dialed 'Cause it's over Girl you know it's over this time So when you call I'm pressin' seven Don't wanna hear your messages messages I'm tryna erase you from my mind 'Cause it's over I swear girl it's over this time So don't keep callin' leavin' messages Don't wanna know where you been Baby 'cause it's over I still wake up every morning quarter to ten I still eat my cereal right at the kitchen table I can't even remember how long it's been No trouble stayin' occupied Oh they ask about you whenever I come around I do what I can not to put my business in the streets Last thing I need's another episode Keep conversation short and sweet because 'Cause I'm not comin' back I'm closing the door I used to be trippin' over missin' you but I'm not anymore I got the picture phone baby your picture's gone Couldn't stand to see your smile every time you dialed 'Cause it's over Girl you know it's over this time So when you call I'm pressin' seven Don't wanna hear your messages messages I'm tryna erase you from my mind 'Cause baby it's over I swear girl it's over this time So don't keep callin' leavin' messages Don't wanna know where you been Baby 'cause it's over You know that it's over when the burnin' And the yearnin' inside your heart ain't there anymore And you know that you're through when she don't do to you And move you like the way she moved ya before And you wanna pull her close But your heart has froze You kiss her but her eyes don't close Then she goes out of your heart forever And it hurts you but you know that it's better Girl you know it's over Girl you know it's over this time So when you call I'm pressin' seven Don't wanna hear your messages messages I'm tryna erase you from my mind 'Cause it's over I swear girl it's over this time So don't keep callin' leavin' messages Don't wanna know where you been Baby 'cause it's over

By Jesse Mccartney - It's Over



i cant sleep well these few days ... dunno why .... stress ? i dun think so ~ constipation ? =___= roll around my bed , twist here and there ~ even sleep opposite position oso cant sleep well ~ why ? i dunno what am i annoyed about ... what is the matter that cant get out from my head ? god save me !
when i msn or surfing internet , i really feel sleepy ... when i turn it off , plan to go to bed ... then i am so energetic ..... what the heck is going on ? oh god !
i wish i could go out everyday ~ stay at home is so BORED ! SERIOUSLY , i felt lonely at home .... nobody to talk to ... i wish i could go bck kampar as soon as possible , at least i can go out yum cha with friend when i am BORED ! they will accompany me go out or go westlake walk around or long kai ~ arghh !

I bought this laptop skin ~ i love it very much ~ coz i think its soo cool ~ but some of my friend doesnt like it , even ask me why will buy this pattern ? even worst said that give me also doesnt want to put on laptop ~ does it really looks that bad ? hmmm ~ but i luv it alot !


Saturday, September 27, 2008


我好希望会忘记说再见的会是你!不会再回忆 , 也不会再伤心


我买了的东西,我喜欢的东西...你也会喜欢~ 也会这样巧,买一样的东西.....


我们实在太多回忆了....我们的诺言,我们的心愿,还记得你每次要我帮你找歌,线索就两三个字,找得我半命 ~还有我们的脚的合照 ~ 你还笑我脚 ~ 还有好多好多....也许你忘了~
误会和错误造成你我不再是....越在乎就越害怕失去吗?我真的很想很想听你的笑声 ~ 好怀念以前的我们....





梦想中 属于我们的婚礼

却成了 单人结婚进行曲




撒娇的 可爱的 女人的 爱哭的

照片里 曾经的 都是你喜欢的
















p/s : A very nice song from S.H.E latest album ~ quite meaningful ~ heard that Selina cried when she wrote this lyric ~ T.T ?

SWT ~ !

Friday, September 26, 2008


Yesterday i was disturbed by a bunch of mosquitoes ! they are NOISY ! flying around my ears and face ~ duh ! im trying to endure , however i cant stand it already .... So , i wake up at 6.18 am and turn on the light ... started to hunt mosquitoes ! i successfully hunt 5 big fat blood suckers ( mosquitoes ) ... they sucked my blood and look soooo fat ! okie , now u r fat , cant fly high huh ?! muahaha.... they all died on my electric mosquito bat ( translate from chinese =__= ) ~ i felt so happy tat they all died with sparkling lights and "bi li ba la" sound ~ After buried them into my basin then i mourn them in my dream ... ( continue sleeping ~ )
Then , i went to renew my IC ~ coz old wan already spoilt till can spilt it out into 4 pieces =__=" ~ then before that , they need my water / electric bill photostat copy ~ so i went to E-Best photostat it and i bought Mina Magazine ~ quite expensive RM8 =__=" then when my mom saw it , and nag me said got money already ah ? very rich hor ? watch these kind of magazine for what ? blah blah blah ~ then , while i making my ic at counter there ... my mom reading the magazine that i bought just now =__=" speechless ~ Lucikly today less ppl make IC ~ i just waited for 10 mins and snap photo for 3 mins ~ so quick ya ~
The most swt - est thing happened today is .... my underwear flew away to my roof =__=" ... i didnt realise it till i want to close my window ~ i dunno what to say ... speechless ... i am still hesitate whether should i tell my mom ? should i just left it at the roof or should i use some kind of stick to grab it back ?? swt swt swt ~ at last i decided go to grab it ... coz i dunwan let it fly to some other place =__=" what if ppl took it for voodoo ?? huh?!? =__=" i guess i shouldnt hang it over there anymore ....

It suppose to hang it over here =__="

There it flew ~ so obvious rite? =_____="

Smokin Hawt !

The poster might look abit ~ =X

I love a drama ~ Gossip Girl ! well new season is out ! coool ~
Its about a group of rich teenage girls life ~ its about their love affair , complicated relationship , friendship and revenge ! i luvvvv it ~~ i strongly recommend these drama to all of u ~ i just love it ~ especially Nate ! he is hot as a stove ~ ! Everyone has their own attraction ~ interesting rite ?
< " Every parent's nightmare , Gossip Girl ~ xoxo , i know you loved me " > from Gossip Girl

Birthday Present

Thursday, September 25, 2008


Birthday present i said i will give u then i will buy for u...

if u want me cincai go ipoh buy oso hard ... how to cincai ... u r my best fren .... unlike others ppl ... cincai ~ how to cincai ?

i want to buy what for u oso no idea ... what oso got , u didn lack of what ... how u wan me to cincai ...

i am ordering something special ... wait at least one month ... or u want me very cincai go buy anything and named as birthday present ? which u prefer ? i want something special okie ??

for so long , i havent found something special and unique for u , then weeks ago , i found it ... then some ridiculous incident happened ! Plus , the supplier havent reply me msg , how i gonna buy for u ? i drive to selangor and get it issit ? ~

so u want special gift that u will love it or ordinary gift that u can guess , know how much and where to buy .... which u prefer ?

if u werent my best fren , i will just buy it at jusco a long time ago ~ btw sorry for letting u wait sooo long
and u lied to Allen bout that , i just cant believe u just reply me perfunctorily and lie to us just to help me manage my exam !! Well thank you because it does not work and now u hurt me twice deeper than before ! thank you for all the sadness u gave me ! okay , now u disappointed me lotsss ! more than whatever u said before ... about that fellow's blog , i just cant believe u agree with all he said ... every words cut deeply into my heart and u just agree with every words and sentences !
For the fellow , i just cant accept what u've done to me ur blog ! and u want me to face u with smile ? sorry i cant pretend im okayy ... and i doesnt want to ashame u in front of so many ppl ..

p/s : about the midnight post , yes u r included !

Addicted ~


My latest drawing ~ quite emo =__=" what do ya think ?

ddicted To Graffiti ~

Feel free to visit my facebook graffti

Well , maybe im not talented or whatever , i just draw what i want to ~


Wednesday, September 24, 2008


Recently i love to listen to Jay's song ... i love many songs of him ... every lyrics are meaningful ... from the old album till new album ... i think almost all of it are nicee ~ exception for those what ninja or " hi hi ha ha " songs or what dragon fist bla bla ~ =.=

i am dead ... because i am out of $$ ~ no $$ = die , no car = no freedom .... i wish i could drive to anywhere i like with unlimited petrol ~ then i will ran to a place where nobody knows me.... because i doesnt have to bother what ppl thoughts of me ... who cares on stranger ? so i can be me , can be as crazy as i can ... be what i want to be ... i can express whatever feelings or emotions ... i cant find my purpose of life...i have no clue that what should i do next whenever i wake up ... i am looking for happiness , but where is it ? when i can laugh truly from heart ? my arbitrariness temper makes me want to own everything i loved ~ i want to do whatever i want to ~

Human are strange ... it is easy to understand ourself but hard to understand others ... when we want it badly while others might doesnt want it at all ... when we need concern , i think others does not think so .... then i think the gap between them started to appear ... when we think of left , the others might think of right ... its hard to let ppl understand what the hell we are thinking if we keep silent ... silence is gold ~ yes i agree but must in specific condition mah ... then there is another condition where gap appeared ... when egotism is a important matter to someone , then everything is meaningless ... i do hate egocentric ppl ~ why do u so self-centred and does not think for others ? if u r so self-centred why dun just live alone in a deserted island where u can live all alone ~ i do hate it so much ... never think for others ... however , thank god i havent meet someone are egocentric till i cant stand ~ why u cant think for others ? why always think all for yourself ? if u really such person , then u are just living in ur own world without friends ~ aint world without strangersss =.=

Life with only grey colours really gloomy ~ it symbolize of boredom, decay, decrepitude, dullness, dust, entanglement, strong emotions ~ so make your day with different colour ~ everyday are different colour to me ~ today would be grey because i have lots of issue and matter ~

fall in love with midnight

Monday, September 22, 2008

Midnight makes me feel so relax
Midnight makes me feel energetic
Midnight makes me feel happy
Midnight makes me feel energetic
Midnight makes me feel away from stress
Midnight makes me feel everything is so peaceful and silence
Midnight makes me feel hungry >.<"
Midnight makes me feel lonely
Midnight makes me feel that i can do anything i want
Midnight makes me feel that i am me !
Midnight makes me feel that i am free from scandals
Midnight makes me feel sorrow
Midnight makes me feel fancy of something
Midnight makes me feel that i lost someone
Midnight makes me miss you a lot
Midnight makes me miss everything we do
Midnight makes me think about the past
Midnight makes me think of somebody
Midnight makes me think back those happy memories
Midnight makes me wanna go back to the past
Midnight makes me think of my mistake

Midnight makes me feel regret .....
I had fall in love with midnight ...
It reminds me all the happy and sad memories that i've gone through

Dog's Conversation

Thursday, September 18, 2008

My lil pup ~ don't know what pose is this >.<"


there are 2 houses which quite near

their dogs are barking .............

they seems like chatting ~ =.=
sounds a bit like singing

having a conversation ?

got tempo also ~

so swt that remind me the SMRC Model of Mass Comm =.="

no doubt that i am studying mass comm now ...

SERIOUSLY ! They are very noisy ~ !

Kacau nya ~~~~~

Spreading My Wings ~


Yes !! finally left 1 subject !! this subject does not need to worry laaa ~ i think quite easy compare to others subject ~ hohoho ! my fav subject of all ~ Mass Comm ! Today is Account exam , this is my fearest subject of all ! dun ask me why , i dunno too ... i felt nervous a day before Acc exam ... my palm started to sweat when im doin acc exercise ... mama ah ! Four of us didnt sleep for the whole night but we sleep in the morning ! we study till 6 Am morning , Chin yew is the most pity , we grab him and dun let him sleep to teach us account ~ hahaha ~ but i think he quite willing too ~~ then we go for breakfast at Ghany ... Allen like a starving ghost ... he keep on say hungry hungry hungry ~ he ate a tosai , mamak mee goreng and 1/4 of my tosai and half plate of my bihun goreng pattaya ~ seeeeeee how incredible his stomach is yet he is still so slim !! grrrr ~ After having breakfast , we still manage to go to westlake to watch sunrise ~ i didn see any sunrise la... just see a few aunties uncles walking here and there , some geliman cycle around ~ then i cannot tahan d ! i wanna go bck take a nap .... i sleep till 11 am then quickly wake up and continue to do exercise ~ well , me and Edmund already knew we couldnt balanced it from the beginning but the amount we calculated was so WRONG ~ we get - RM7,000,000 in the balance sheet while another is RM690,000 ~ when i saw this amount , i felt so sorry to my parents because i definitely couldnt be a accountant ~ which company hired me as a accountant , definitely will bankrupt ... hahahaha~

Okayyy , its time for EXAM !! When i entered the exam hall , i think i could hear my heartbeat ! apa lah ... kenapa ni ??? then when i sat down , Jason looked at me and shake his head ... because im late ... hahah ! then , when i start to fill in my information ... i wrote wrongly =.=" i write my course into examination unit ! so swt ... then my stomach start to "work " ... yes , it was like roses in full bloom, there the butterfly come ( buttefly in stomach ! ) so swt ..... hungry + nervous + anxiety ! many type of sound u can hear ... just like beatbox in ur stomach ~ then suddenly , my hp rang ~ thank god i put silent mode !! but the vibration so strong that everyone looked at me =.=" then i quickly turn it off ~ When i look at the first question , guess whats on my mind .... i read for many times and i think so long , is this account ? walao eh ! write what internal external .... apa itu ~~ then i didn memorize any concept .... just writing nonsense .... well others ok la ... except for the DEPRECIATION ! when i saw that , i dunno what to say ... speechless ~ in reducing method , i have no clue at all .... then i skip ~ skip ~ to Q 3 and Q 4 .... thank god i could balance Q3 .... for Q4 , it is IMPOSSIBLE to balance ~ the partnership income statement i still can manage but for balance sheet really shit lo... i forget the method of partnership .... then just follow the normal balance sheet method ... aduh .... however , i think there is 30% i can pass ba ~ i really hope i can pass this subject ! i dunwan face this subject again in next sem ... hope every subject can passed ! yeppie ... coz i really put many effort in ~ i had sacrificed my face for this ~ black eye circle and pimples ! Sigh ~

Now , i can slightly spread my wings ~ hohoho , gonna fly !!! cant wait for sem break ~

very swt ....

Sunday, September 14, 2008


today .... i think suppose to be just now .... i drive to maybank trying to take money and deposit money to ppl ... the problem is the road there is sooooo jam ... lots of car ! i just simply park at roadside ( luckily no police ) ... eventually my car had blocked others ppl car from going out ... okie okie , i tot it would be just a while ... mana tahu , when i try to deposit money , a RM10 cash cannot accepted and rejected by the machine .... i tried for 3 times , then i heard hon sound ... then i know that must be my car blocked other's ppl car ... so paiseh , i run out and apologize to the uncle and auntie ... well , i tot they will smile at me , but their face get even more dark =.="
then i dunno tis should be lucky or unlucky .... ngam ngam , a car in front trying to get out and there is a space for parking ... then i quickly park it .....just when i tot i can get out from the car ~~ a malay auntie who looks like a datin ... give me a sign ask me to stop stop stop ... then i know what she mean .... her car lagi geng ~ park in front the maybank entrance , i dunno how she do it ... =.=" my kindness heart told me to reverse and let her get out from there .... then i reverse out from there .... there are so many cars , they dun even wan to let me out ... i reverse till half then need stop there wait ppl let me out ...after 3 minutes , i finally get out from there and i drive around .... i still couldnt find a place and the most important is the malay auntie still struggling to get out from there .... lol , so funny ~
then i drive around for the third times .... i couldnt find the nearest car park , and i simply park at roadside again ... and im so worried for the same incident happened again , so i ran towards maybank and trying to deposit money again ... then when i queue up to deposit money , a boy looks like secondary school or something ... i dunno what the hell he trying to do , i think he put one cash at one time and another cash at one time , he really " si beh eng ".... i didn have time and i still have to wait that fellow to play deposit cash machine ... the another machine have 4 ppl queue-ing up ... so what the hell im suppose to do ? im sooooo pissed and i wish i could the stab the boy with my car keys... aduh , i have no time play wit him la... i think after 8 minutes only he finished his cash deposit .... =.="
so swt that happened so many things when i just wanna go to deposit cash and take money =.="

tired ...

Saturday, September 13, 2008


welll im so fckin pissed when i saw ur blog .... im sorry for being rude ...

first of all , i would like to thank you for everything u done to me , i know u are a good guy ,

however , u might think im using u , ok fine sorry ... sorry what i hurt u ... and this is what i can

say ... im stuck in between love and hate ... i really love u as my friend and hate u for being like

this ... all i can say is sorry and thank you ... well , i dunno what i can say , and i dunwan whether i

should angry or upset now ... i am so tired for angry a person , i am already upset , i am no longer

can stand sorrow again ... there is no return point , i knew it ... sorry for everything that makes u

sad and angry ... and i dunno what to do to make u feel better ... once again , sorry and cry isnt

fake and i wont easily cry for someone not important , u will never knew how sad i am ~ for me ,

i think what u said is childish but i still remember what i owe u ... i will always remember u , our

memories ... thank you and bye bye ....



Exam will make u lost 2 things :

Hair & Sleep


It will give u something as replacement :

Black eye circle & Pimples

See how fair the exam is ......

Lost and Gain....

The pimples started to grow again

Main cause : i sleep at 5 - 6 am everyday !

Because of EXAM !

I had been sleeping at 5 - 6 am everyday for 3 weeks already !

My face already gone ...

Skin so dry , pimples everywhere ....

Grrrr ~ fight for pimples !


Thursday, September 11, 2008


money money money


i am a spend thrift ~


i need to control ....


De- Stress

Tuesday, September 9, 2008


Stressssssssssss Baby Stresssssssssssss ~

You might found a few dead bodies before econ exam ~

So ... die for econ ?

Nonono , not worth it ...

My point is .... nothing =.="

Lol ... Take a break !

And now gotta continue eat book ~

Disappointed ...

Monday, September 8, 2008


Today final exam , i think i had choose the wrong question for my essay ... i dunno why i take a risk in my final exam ... however , my intuition told me to do so ... i am starting to regret now ... i think i had made a wrong choice ... im so scare for resit and im so sad that i think i am a failure ... i did not hope for anything , just hope i wont resit again ... i dunwan fail my favorite subject ... really sad ...

Yesterday , one of my friend who study psycology asked me to draw anything on a paper , and i just simply draw and draw whats on my mind ... she could explained what a person i am and what am i thinking , i am suprised that she said almost exactly correct.. i am very confusing now , so blur , asking myself what should i do next .... its true that i didnt have one's own view, because i respect what people thoughts and i doesnt want them to be unhappy when opinion are different ... i dislike argue ... why ppl like to argue for small matter ? i believe that when i treat people good , they will treat me good too ...but , sometimes everyone is so realistic , its hard to find someone who could yield my desire ... they might not think of the person's feeling .... but i care for everyone feeling , i dislike people who are selfish and did not think for others .... i really hate it ... its hurt when u ask for help , and get rejected ... i hate the feeling of rejected .... thats why i hate asking ppl to do me a favor , i doesnt like to see people's countenance.... if i can do it myself , i will really do it myself .... when i really need help , then i will try to get help from others ... but the feelings of get rejected really felt terrible .... being a helpful person is uneasy .... i dun even know what am i thinking now , so confused and i dunno how to describe .... i felt so insecure for everything i owned now ....

its hard to find a soulmate again ... no doubt it might be impossible .... nobody cares for me .... nobody will think for me.... i need to be tough but its really tough ... im just being too rely on people ... besides , smile on face doesnt mean im happy inside ...i will never get notice from people even i die now ... now i know that a tough woman is not easy to be , and i always hope i am a tough woman ... tough woman need to handle loneliness and never show their sadness .... could i be one of them ?


Friday, September 5, 2008













p/s : rain is getting heavier T.T

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