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Saturday, August 9, 2008

Beautiful Fireworks Of Beijing Olympic 2008 Opening Ceremony

Last night , i watch olympic opening ceremony .... really amazing !! the effect they performed really WOW ~ i love the part where all ppl make a BIG circle and doing "tai chi" ... tats really amazing ~ then i heard that they have been practising since august of 2003 ~ they really put many effort on 2008 Beijing Olympic ... their team work spirit really impressed me ... im glad that i watch it live even though from Astro =.=" haha ~ i dun think i have another life to watch next olympic again ~

Feeling like the world is getting complicated ... everything seems getting wrong ... i wish world will peace , no crime , no war ~ everyday go out oso scare this and that ... rape case that happened near my house area makes me really worried ~ coz my flat really got many GELIMAN ... i hate the way they stare at me ... i hate when they scan from my head to toes ! whatss wrong with them ? never seen a girl before ?

Guy guy guy really disappointed me ! i really dunno what the heck they thinking ... i am frustrated that i need to guess whatever they thinking ... IM REALLY TIRED ... everyday i need to face reality , when i felt unhappy , i still need to smile to face everyone .... just like what agatha wrote , yeah im smiling, but inside im dying .... who knows ? nobody understands me ... feeling lonely when midnight ~ who will care for me ? nobody .... im wondering when will my "nobody" appear ? and does it last long ? or just another liar that stay temporarily in my heart and will move out at anytime... those unsucessful relationship that happened on my friends really makes me despair and afraid ... what they told me makes me cant believe there is such failure guy that actually living in this world ... its true that one of my friends told me , when ur boyfriend told u he loves me , u have to hesitate is it true and never put 100% trust on them because u will definitely hurt badly when they leave you with any lame reasons or without any reasons.... however u can always trust one people ... that is our parents ! when they say they love you and they mean it ... they will never leave us behind... i agree with it but i argued with my mom this morning ... aduh ~ i dunno whats wrong with her ... the getting older and temper getting worst ... im the only one always tolerate her ... im tired of it ....

i always be the one to tolerate ppl and one of my friends called me , Miss OK ~ coz im ok with anything even though sometimes i disagree ... i dunno how to reject ppl ... i hate lying and giving some lame reasons....if i could help then i will try my best help (except when im moody) , however sometimes feel like used by ppl ... because whenever they need help , i will be there ... when i need help , its hard to get someone to help me ... i really hate lying (except virtuous lie) , once u lie , u need hundreds of reason to cover the lie u made .... its suffered for me ... can't we just be frank ? speak out whats on our mind ... why do we do things we dislike and act like we like it ? why everything u said is different from what u done ? i love black and white because we can see very clearly the difference and i hate grey and im stucked in it now ... is there anyway to get out from there ? it is quite disappointed sometimes when we knew the truth that wasnt we expect for ...

World is realistic , pretty girls always get the benefits while ugly always left behind ... nobody will see the inner side of ugly ... once they seen their appearance and they are not interested in them anymore , who else will look into their inner side ? honestly i very envy all my friends with domestic partner ... they are happy together and they will share their happiness together , when one of it sad , the other will always be there for him or her... when i look at my friends blog ( i think more like love story ) , i can feel their happiness , even though they argue alot , but after argue , they will love each other more ... they really very match ... im happy and glad that my best friend found her ones ... and i hope they will love each other for the rest of their life ...


oceanagatha said...

yeah..beijing olympic is really damn amazing..and u r right,hope world peace..but no sumthing happen it wont call WORlD ad..XD..
dear,enjoy while u single ok..when u reach da time onli go enjoy da special life..
frankly,dun ever think we r always da miss.ok..coz sumtimes other ppl will think bout us oso..we must get used 2 it..jus sum others ppl dunno how 2 use da right way 2 do da right thing..
lastly,i do agree v u oso..World is realistic , pretty girls always get the benefits while ugly always left we must built up our knowledge 2 get attraction..we must b da 1 who hav da knowledge rather than a "vase"..ok

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