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Thursday, August 7, 2008

Yesterday , Rae's car bang by ppl ~ the guy drive so fast at junction !! then bang R's car ... just the bumper crashed ! we though they will pay for our loss... however they refuse to pay us and said it was our fault... apalah ! obviously they drive so fast when turning in just like drifting ! then our kancil zai so kelian ... crashed by their dunno wat car ~ then just now they said wanna settle , then mi, rae, tall man, lalazai, caren, navin , botak and me just go settle with him lo ... we doesnt wan to argue... just wan to settle ... then they refused to admit their wrong ... okloh ~ then he insist to ask the guard to come and settle... then we only know the guard is his friend.. then yesterday he report to the guard... but the report suppose to write by both drivers... however only the guy write the report... then he can write whatever he want loh ! everything seems like our fault ! Then just now Caren soooo geng in argue... hahah then tall man very kek dong ....luckily didn fight ~ phew ... i also got help R say him ~ however he still refuse to admit even though he ask wat guard or supervisor come... later we will settle it at DSS ~ sooo ma fan ~ sigh !

Tonight, my friend will fetch us bck .. but before that, we will go ipoh ..........mcdonald only =.=" my friend loh !! wan see his future gf ~ ! then will be very late when we go bck ~ however i still very excited for it ~ !

p/s : fight for constipation ! yayaya !


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