What you paid is what you get ..

Friday, August 29, 2008

Nice Shirt ~

Look Up Up ~

Acting Cool ~ Whoops * Dont Punch Us ~

The Weird Noodle That I Mentioned

Okayyyy ... lets start with LATE ... we went ipoh "again" today ... we suppose to wake up at 7.15 am and sit the 8 o clock bus to ipoh ... and the fellow , Allen ... soooo yeng ... sleep at 7 am ~ and 7 am d still dunwan wake me up , somemore go sleep ... by the way , i oso wake up late coz i sleep at 5 am ... ahahaha because yesterday both of us do mask at 3 am ... cool right ? okayy then i wake up at 8.15 ... somemore still need to wake him up ... okay .... wake him up need around 15 minutes ... then we get everything done at 9 am and walk to the bus stop ~ the problem is the distance between our house and the bus stop ... if u were outside or in the utar bus , u will saw 2 siao eh walking to the bus stop ... when utar bus pass by , both of us just praying the driver dont stop the bus for us , coz we r not going to school ... eventually we are skipping class for some reason ... ahhemmm ~
Around 10.30 am , we arrived IPOH ! then we straight away ride another bus to jusco ... the bus was terrible ... when u sitting on the seat , u can feel it like the massage chair ... OSIM ... vibrate ur butt and leg ... then u will need to buy ticket from a woman ... well , she just look so .... auntie =.=" when she wan to go to toilet then she asked the bus driver to stop the bus ... then she go toilet while whole bus passenger is waiting for her .... around 5 min , she is bck with pants that wear not properly ... we actually can see the type of her underwear ... Allen felt so gross while i felt wanna vomit ... she just soooo dirty and disgusting ....
Then , finally we arrived Jusco ~ the first thing is .. TOILET ~ set our messy hair and make up ... after that , we went to food and tea to have our brunch ... well , i think i order the wrong food and it taste really bad ... after that , we went to take big head photo "again" ... the elevator is under mainteance ... so we have to walk and im walking with high heels o ~ then when we went up, we go look for the big head photo machine and after we decided to choose which machine , then the staff have no small change ... so sweat ! then i go and take a look got wat new movie... after hesitate for 10 mins then decide go shopping first ... lol ~ we went to padini concept store and tried many shirts ... actually both of us stuck into the fitting room just wanna took photo ~ ahahah ... we took many photo for different shirts ... we spent around 1 hours playing in the fitting room ... aduh ... pity sales girl need to keep on fold bck those unwanted shirts ... Allen keep on say try la nvm de .... ahhh and once i tried , i felt like wanted to buy all of it ... sigh ~ no $$ ~ skipping class to ipoh , i tot i wont meet any friends of mine ... however , i met sin yee and ashley ~ they were so suprised to see me especially sin yee ... i can hear she calling my name from the entrance of nose ... lol ~ then i met ashley at food court .... after having our lunch , we go to take big head photo ... i think the staff can recognize us already ... coz whenever we go ipoh , we will take big head photo ... ^^ however , i think this time big head photo not very nice ... and the most pity is we didnt have more time to select photo and the machine decided with 3 photos only ... wuwuwu ... wasted ! then we edit our photos for 20 minutes , im enjoyin the process of edit photo coz it have no time limit ... while Allen edited it quite fast... If you saw our photos , u will found out stars and blink blink ~ because we edited till so BLINK ~
Okay its time to bck , we hestitate to sit taxi or bus for 20 minutes again ... ahaha ... finally i decided to sit taxi ... the taxi driver told us the nearest bus stop much cheaper than the old town bus station , and ask us to go there wait for us ... every 15 mins there will be a bus go bck kampar pass there... okayyyy we believed him ~~ on they way , he never stop talking... keep on say now taxi price ... and even say till those nephropathy patients mostly died and he couldnt have so many salaries... =.=" He stopped us at a dunno where bus stop where many ppl sitting and standing there ... those gelimans , aunties , uncles and lalas ~ aduhai ... dunno what to say ... we waited for the bus for like half an hour ... and we realise that we should paid more 3 ringgit to the old town bus station and we would nt have to stand at there and wait for bus ~ this is the first time and also the last time for me to waited at this dunno where bus stop ... and i wont believe these taxi driver anymore ... Finally , the bus came and thank god it is equipped with air - con ! hohoho ~ we slept for the whole journey after we have our herbal eggs ~ THEN ... we ride taxi bck to our house area .... the taxi driver once AGAIN ... is a uncle with unstoppable mouth ~ talk so many GRANDFATHER STORIES ! aduhai ... it felt like an hour history class ...

This is so far for today's events ... for more detailed , u may contact me ~ LOL ~
Lesson Of A Day - What you paid is what you get ...


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