Through The Rain

Saturday, August 16, 2008


Final Exam is around and im really scare now ... i have no clue how to exam for the first time coz its different with mid term test ... i failed my mid term test for econ , and i wan it to pass badly for final exam... the lecturer said it is triple harder than mid term test ... oh god ... i dunno where i should start ... i understand the concept but i dont know how to do it when the question get complicated ... so confused .... they twist the questions and i dunno it belongs to which one ... i must work hard now ...i know i can do it because nothing is impossible in this world ... i need to work hard luh .... everyday study and do revision ... but alot of entertaiment is seducing me lah ~ Tesco just opened this wednesday ... there got k-box and alot of new things for us to explore .... besides that , Edmund and Allen always bring some movies or drama home and we will watch together ... then , die liao lo ... no time to study liao ... the most important is we will chase the drama together ... aiyayayayaya but i know i can control de ( sometimes only =.= ) ~ lalalala ... that Allen still dunno die , still got mood chase drama ~ aduhai even though i oso got involved la =.=" Ed is better sometimes , at least he got do revision unlike me ... however , i cant let myself failed econ ... and i will work hard for it now ( not too late right ? )

Today , finally finished the computer studies debate ..... i dunno which team won the debate coz lecturer didnt mention ... but she seems like rushing to toilet or home ... the open discussion have just started a few minutes and after Ah Mi turn will be either Yee Shyan or my turn to perform ... walao eh ... Just when i started want to shoot our opponent ... she ask us can we end the discussion ? what the * i had prepared lots of point to "shoot" the opposing sides and i believe them oso have lots to say ... hahaha....even though im the first to start the debate but i also need to contribute abit in the open discussion ma ~ aiyerrr ...However ~ Ah Mi really have a great talent in debate .. she speaks it out and loud with confidence ~ she had the vigour that able to attract audience attraction ... she really perform well ~ coo coo cool ~

Just now , we go to Sushi King to "kao tim" our dinner ~ woo hooo ... soo long didn eat sushi d and so long didn spend money so fast d ... hahaha ~ i love wasabi oo ~ but not too much la... one of the sushi which Allen choose wan ... i think is a squid or octopus ... i chew it for around 10 minutes only can swallow it ... it taste nice but need to chew it like chewing gum ... hahahaha ... Jonathan ate fried squid ball , it taste very nice ooo !! freshly fried !! but very expensive... =.=" When i want to pay for the bill , i met one of my primary school friend .... he look exactly the same when in primary school ... haha ... luckily he still can recognize me ~ After that, we walk around the Tesco then go bck luh ~


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