Once in a lifetime - Durian ~

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

The Rubbish ~
Whats left on the durian ha ? Somemore say share !

Muahahaha ~ this is what he do when ppl pass by ~

Delicious Durian aa ~

Yesterday , we went Tesco and bought many things ~ the most important is DURIAN ... Allen and i bought it ... it was D24 durian !! its not ordinary durian oooo ~ i planned to eat at nearby playground because Jonathan dislike the smell of it ... however when we walk down , we saw a geliman staring at us ... we know that recently have many "rompak" and "rogol" cases , so we didnt bring our hp , wallet and jewelleries , the things we brought was tissue , water and most important - DURIAN ! hahaha ... the geliman stare at us and we so scare that they might "rompak" our durian ~~ hahahaha ... Allen so scared that he might get rape by the geliman and keep on look at behind ... when we arrived the playground , its just look simply so ' HORRIBLE ' so we decided to go westlake ... okayyy , lets imagine we walk to westlake with very "cincai" attire and bring along DURIAN and WATER BOTTLE ... sounds like we are going to picnic ... hahahaha and it was 8 pm !!
I never try this before .. it is my first time that eat durian sooo secretly and sooo funny ~ i never had a durian in such condition that need to hide and pretend not eating at westlake ~ ! All i know is SUPER FUNNY ! eating durian at westlake was like eating bomb at westlake , scare ppl see what we are eating and scare caught by ppl ~ hahahahaha ~ i dunno how to describe the feeling ... u might choke urself by laughing too much when eating durian while ppl pass by ~ ahhh .. we have to put the whole durian into our mouth or put it bck to the plate and cover with plastic when ppl pass by ... and pretend we are chatting and looking at the moon .... just whenever ppl pass by , we need to pause our action and pretend doing other things ... besides that , we cant speak so that there was no DURIAN smell ~ hahahaha ... yesterday night view was very beautiful ... the moon very round and moonlight very bright ... then i was thinking that ppl enjoying moon cake and looking at moon , but us enjoying DURIAN and looking at moon ~ hahahaha ...

Around 10 pm , then we walked back home with durian smells ! ahahahah ... bet u will never have this experience before ~ hahahaha ! =O


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