Frustrating ...

Friday, August 22, 2008

why couldnt u guys think about it ? why u all being so sensitive ? why should i be the one to take the first step ? cant u stop comparing my friends ?
i am very tired ! both group of u 2 is totally different .... for u guys , u guys always want me to take the first move to ask u guys out , while them is the one always ask me go out ... whenever im bck , they will be the first to look for me and call me ... even sometimes i couldn go bck hometown , they will try to help me or fetch me bck even very late ...
u guys always think that i've changed ... yes , i've became more mature but not changed into someone who forget all of u ... i dunno why .... why am i the one always wrong... i hate it when i trying so badly to maintain this friendship and you guys will only keep on complain me ... im sooo tired ...everytime this matter happened , i couldnt sleep well ... i dun even know what the heck im wrong ... why ?
i hate it when u guys said things i never do , whenever i tell u the reason , and u will never accept ... tolerance ! yes this the point ... u said i never tolerate u guys ... issit it true ? u guys cant know a thing or two ... i had been trying so hard to maintain this friendship and i am very tired now ... *sobs *


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