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Wednesday, August 6, 2008


i got so much crap to share with !!!!!! ahhh dunno where to start from .... hahahahaha .... now playing webcam with Miacco at Sing Ee's house... ahhh tis is so freshie freshie ... Lalazai at their house oustide now and need Miacco to go down to open door for him... however ~~ ah mi said tat he very ma fan !! so annoying because now she didn wear any B.R.A !! ahahahaha laugh till teeth drop luhh....Just now i downloaded a instrumental songs that i used to love it alot ... i mean it was past ~~ now listen to it reminds me of old memories ~

One happy thing is that ~ finally !! ASSIGNMENTS DONE !!!!! Left next friday , we need to debate with jason group in front of 125+ppl ~ phewwww ~ cold sweat !! it sounds cool right ? im quite excited for it ~ however , im more excited for friday... Allen and Edmund's sister will have their wedding register ... and i will attend ~ phewit ! there will be many couples that are gonna marry ~ so happy to see them ...^^ but the most worry is Allen's family members... im more worry for that ... haiya ~ the most fun part is saturday we will have STEAMBOAT !!!!!!!! sooooooo excited to meet my hometown friends !! MISS THEM SO MUCH !!!!!! ahhh ~

to be continue ~


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