By a finger's breadth

Thursday, August 14, 2008


At last , everything settled already .. even though the answer wasnt what i expected ... never mind la.. at least i got an answer and not hanging on the air .... stuck in the middle really suffered and i finally get rid of it ... time wasnt a matter for me but the only matter is the thoughts after 2 years ... or maybe more than 2 years ( i don't know when is the due date ) ...

I really wanted to know the ending ... but i know it is impossible to know ... i couldnt care too much because i know my status ... i couldnt do something that out of range , so i have to abide by the law and behave oneself ... so , i just let it be

But i hope that im not always be the only one to speak ... i have to be initiative is because of the conditon is forcing me to make a move and im suffering and stuck in the middle , i don't know what to do ... however i will not always be initiative and i might get tired someday ...


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