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Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Edited By All Of Us =)

Want to hit him right ?

Sexy leh ! hahaha

Us in formal suit

My Pretty Leg ~

Sunday night , all of us wear formal suits and took pics ! lots of it !! we played till 3 am... u can see how crazy we were , they use my laptop to took pics ~ and playing with shoes , watches and hair ~ Well its funny and i luv it ~ i reall luv my formal suits ~ the blouse was chosen by veeiean while match with Allen's tie ~ looks perfect yo ~ just like a teacher or air stewardess.. a sudden feelings of singing " Pretty woman , walking down the streets " LOL ! Besides, we also have our mask that bought from the face shop ... seriously , i think its pretty good and cheap !! i wanna buy it again ...Allen and i took pics again while doing mask ! LOL ~

Yesterday , we have been editing photo for the whole night ! and 2 am only sleep =.=" we had designed a poster for our upcoming drama ~ hahaha just jk ! however i think tats cool ! then recently i edited many photo ~ they were soo cool till everyone loves it ! coz every photo i edit mean alot of things to me ...

Today , i will go Rae & Miacco's house stay overnight .. ahhh ... because tomorrow i will have my presentation ! they will help me set hair and make up ! im sooooo NERVOUS !! *stomache* i havent get ready yo ~ ! my first presentation , i havent prepare it but still writing blog here ! LOL ~

Now , whats on my mind is just BLANK !! freakin nervous ! arghhh ... somebody console me !! somebody help me !!


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