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Thursday, July 10, 2008

Yo... this week im not gonna bck to hometown because there will be an exam at saturday ! well , i know its not difficult coz its a test , but im still afraid coz its my first exam in UTAR ! i havent finish doing my econ revision and lecturer start to teach macroeconomic today ! ahhhh everything so fast , and now already half of a semester ... wa wa wa !

Yesterday is the most sweet night ever in kampar coz i sleep for 9 hours ! 1 am - 9 am ... envyyyy right ? welll i just tried it onceee only ! phew .... now im doing my english project ... tomorrow need to stay back to discuss economic assignment , Saturday i need to discuss public speaking assignment with my group... hell lots of assignment !
Yesterday after we finish our dinner , we bought 6 egg tarts and enjoy it at westlake ... looking at the night scenery and eat our egg tarts... we sit on the bench and im the only one walk on the bench ... even though it look dangerous and i could fall into the lake ... but i insist to walk over like a crab! LOL , then we record our MV from Mariah Carey - When u believe ... i just wish to cover my face so that nobody can recognize me ... ahhh so embrassing ...
Its gonna rain now .... all of us feeling down too ... everyone guessing what their loves one thinking....then all of us sing sad song together and cry together ... LOL... Love really so teapot ... sienzz ah ... but i wish i could have one .. the only one and i will love him forever ! yay ... however im still searching ... =.="


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