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Tuesday, July 22, 2008

SQ = so cute -,-

Our claypot chicken rice

FOC de big head photo

Ipoh Ipoh Ipoh ... i went ipoh with allen last sunday ...we woke up in the very very early morning , 7 am ! then bath bath make up make up . then walk to nearvy bus stop and wait for the bus... the problem is im wearing high heel , baby !!

around an hour , finally we arrived ipoh ... yoyoyo ~ then we change bus to jusco ~ hohoho ... im so scare when i walking down stairs ... my feet will shake ~ around 10 am , we arrived jusco ~ hoho , then the first thing we do is go toilet and set our hair ~ after that , its time to fill up our stomach ~ we ate claypot chicken rice ~ nice nice o ... then walk around ... i nearly cant feel my feet anymore ... so tired to walk coz im wearing high heel ... tat fatt hao Allen wanna look for singlet and my purpose is take big head photo again ~ hehehe ! dunno why , i think taking big head photo very worthy and memorable .... after that , we go take big head photo !! the light effect makes me look soooooo pretty eventhough i edited till soo flowery ~ then we shop shop shop from first floor to second floor ~ i didnt plan to buy any shirt , but then Allen pull me to Giordano ... he said he wanna buy a shirt , then 2 shirt cheaper ...we suggest that share share lo ... but at last , he didnt bought any shirt , but i spent rm 69 !! ahhh ~ haizzz nvm la... i really gonna broke soon ... next week i wan buy contact lens leh ... haizzz now no $$ d la...

After a while , Cherrie and Jaraldine called me and wanna meet with us ... but then i meet Miacco and Rae first ... the main purpose is wanna see their bf ... hohoho ... we meet at food and tea... Miacco's bf look cool ~ very man ... but then Rae's lovers look more cute and funny ... he look really funny and cute ... after we have our drinks then me , Miacco and Rae go to toilet and 3 guys waiting us at toilet outside ... i thought they will social and communicate ... LOL 3 of them didn talk at all... Miacco's bf sitting , Rae's lover standing and Allen walking around ... then Rae and her loves one rushing to the cinema for movie ... so left me and Allen ... we walk to MPH coz he wanna buy guy's magazine then Cherrie , Jaraldine and Louise meet us there ... Then Louise fetch us bck to bus station ...Then we goooo bck to kampar luh ....

In the bus , the seat quite small and we couldnt sleep well ... however i manage to take a nap ... before i sleep , im holding the bus ticket , then when i awake , the bus ticket flew away d ... =.=" when the staff wanna check ticket , i act pity and told him my ticket ..... then he say okok ... HOHOHO ~ then start raining d ... that allen sleep like a pig ! and i felt so cold like in a freezer .... Around 6 am , we arrived home !! ^^


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