Memories ~

Sunday, July 27, 2008

4 of us ~

Stealing ~ ngek ngek ngek

So nice ~

Ahhemm , cameraman ... where is my eyes ?

i luv tis pic ... hoho its meee

Yesterday, gathering with my hometown friends ~ sooooo happy to see them...we went out together , 4of us , Ck , Kk , Allen and me ... feel like we are bck to past day ... because 4 of us always went out together when secondary school ~ Yesterday i want to buy a new specs but i couldnt find a specs that i like it very much ... and i wan to buy contact lens too ... so confused ~ however , i bought a high heel yesterday ... after that , we bought "shake shake ice" and eat together in the car ... then we go for car wash ... it is so fun ! so excited when the car enter the machine ... and it just cost RM1 ~ after that , Kk say go paddyfield and enjoy our "shake shake ice" ... its raining , but we insist want to go ... and we persist to take umbrella and walk on the field ... LOL ~ we took lots of photo with the umbrella and paddy ~ LOL ... its a long time , 4 of us didnt go out together like yesterday ~ im sooo happy ~ all of us sing in the car , telling jokes and playing ~

At night , i went to Ck house and chit chat ~ then we go have supper and long kai again ~ then we go look for seng le ... i misss him so muchie muchie ... so long didnt see him , he still the same ... hahaha look so funny ~ he act gentleman and open car door for me and help me to close ... LOL and wait me outside when im entering my house ... he changed lot lot ... hahaha ~ so gentleman ~


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