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Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Today , woke up at 7.15 am and 8 am got class ... the problem is i not yet iron my formal shirt ... then i have to "ma fan " Edmund help me iron lo ~ paiseh la ... then i oso not yet make up and lots of stuff ... soooo ma fan lah ... everybody late for the class ... hohoho ... Rae rushing to class and im wondering wat motivates her to attend class on time ... Guess what ? she is rushing to continue the ending of "Sepet" that played by Mr. Able last week ... and left 20 minutes not yet finish and he promise to let us finish it this week ... The ending of "Sepet" was not nice ... everyone is crying but im not ... dunno why i feel so moody today ... dun ask me why , coz i dunno either ...
At 11 am , i got another talk show presentation ... im not nervous at all ...coz im really in bad mood ... i couldnt really laugh or smile ... dunno why ~our show performance was moderate la... more serious compare to another group ... The second group is the medicine for me today .... A guy from my group , Chris act Jolin ... he wear G bra with 2 oranges and wig .. sooooo funny ... the most funny is he dance like Jolin too ... LOL ! i cant explain how funny it is ... Then , im feeling better after the show ...
After that , we have to attend Joe's class ... attending his class was fun but im really sleepy and tired ... coz im wearing high heel... * sigh * However when he mention today topic is the hotest topic for final exam ... then i have to concentrate no matter how tired or sleepy i am ... The most wonderful things happened today is Jayson sang a love song to Miko ... That was ROMANTIC !!! Even though Jayson cant sing very well but we can feel his feeling to Miko was REAL !! LOL ~ envy envy envy la .... T.T Then, another guy named Ash , an indian .... he sang Jay Chou - Rainbow ~ He sound really incredible ... couldnt believe it ... hahaha ... he got potential to become singer , i guess >.<"
The last lecture is Mr Able's class , today got an activity ... that is go to pc lab and search some information for the tutorial ...Stephy , Miacco and i walk here and there to look for pc .. finally , we can found it ... however , mine pc have no chair ... and i have to squad while im searching for information and im wearing high heel , BABY ! i squad for around 20 minutes and i felt dizzy when i stand up ... ahhhh ... so tired ahh my feet !!
Im soooooooooo tired and hungry now ~ still waiting Rae and Miacco fetch me go to have my dinner .... its raining now and im feeling moody right now ... everything so "ngam"
p/s: Listening to 记得-张惠妹


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