Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Just finished my mid term test… pheww… everything relieve now …no stress!! no stress !! I think the worst subject for me is accounting and economic… others I got confidence can get better marks… =) now im laying on my bed beside Edmund and Allen…. Tonight I gonna go to eat steamboat … hohoho ! but im worried bout my stomach coz I got diarrhea this morning. I had to finish the exam in 30 minutes coz I cant stand anymore… my stomach really pain and I had to rush to toilet to finish my business ~ thank god I can finish it before my S*** spew out …ewww =.=”

So, there few incidents happened in our house recently… first, my room is the luckiest of all… I dunno why the ghost want to choose my room and disturb me… dunno him or her la…When I sleep , I could heard walking steps sound towards my window, when I open my eyes, I see nobody =.=” Next incidents is I could feel somebody knee pressed on my bed while Im sleeping and I thought is Allen or Edmund … they trying to fool me or whatever… but I open my eyes again , I saw nobody ~ well , this really freaks me out ! I dun understand why he or she choose my room laaa … Furthermore, one day when everyone went out and left me alone at house …. While im studying , I heard someone knocked my door and when I opened my door , I saw nobody AGAIN !! I felt creepy at first, but now im okay with it … Yesterday he or she make some weird noise again … three of us could feel it…. Moreover , last night while I washing my keyboard protector at toilet , I could felt a black shadow entering the toilet…. 100% I believe is him or her … now , I had moved to Allen and Edmund’s room. Edmund will bring some amulet for us from hometown… So our house wouldn’t be haunted house anymore …. Tonight the whole house left me and Allen , wondering what will happen tonight… hopefully everything gonna be okayyyyy ~

Its all about school thing now … I dunwan mention the bloody asshole ~ she is soooooooo irresponsible !! I hate her attitude… she is so lazy until doesn’t want to do anything… we are a group in assignment work.. I dunno why she enter our group !! ahhh first I dunno her personality and attitude…. Last week, Miacco said we all should discuss the assignment together on Sunday.. then she said she lazy and want to sleep … then its okay … when I going to Miacco house for the assignment discussion, I saw her holding her hands with her bf going into a shop !! LIAR !!!! Its okay then , she did not contribute anything in this assignment, then we ask her to do the outline … outline is soooooo easy … just found out the main point and supporting idea and print it out …and she said okok , she will done it on Friday because Friday is the deadline … then when we went to school , she told Stephy she dunno how to do it and she forgot already …. I dunno what the heck she is thinking … and 12 pm need to pass up ! that time already 11 pm while we are in computer studies class … She cause a lot of trouble and all of us have to skip the class and finish the outline in an hour !! she still got mood dating with bf and enter the computer studies class… when she walk by , I doesn’t want to look at her at all !! I afraid that I might slap or punch her !! @#$%^^&^$#@ at last we finished it at 1 pm … its too little too late !! Our lecturer is a very strict person and she said she wont receive any outline after 12 pm …. We keep on persuade her and told her the reason why … finally she accepted it and said this is a lessons and she will deduct our marks… phewww ~ about the girl , I wont forgive what she had done … I had to endure her till Wednesday till the talk show finished … Monday we still have rehearsal … I need to face her again !! yerrrr …. By the way, here is the reinforcement thesis , half of the TB6 dislikes her !! I think more than that !!!

Okay , its time for siesta …. To be continue ~


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