Failure !

Thursday, July 3, 2008

After presentation

Before presentation

Me & Sing Ee at toilet

my first presentation finished ! finally !!! i felt that i did it terribly !! i missed lots of point and i didnt mention !! soooooo pissed off !! im so nervous till everything crashed !! arghhh ... i know that i get 10 marks ~ if im not mistaken ~ sigh ! feeling bad eventhough i wear so pretty ~ haha ~ the additional factor is there are other visitors ~ Jaraldine and his friend , Edmund and his friends ~ make me more nervous ..... SIGH ! its okay now , and i gained experiences , im sure i will did it better for the upcoming presentation ~ i really lack of confidence eventhough i wear high heel ~ LOL high heel can make a person gain confidence ! however it just gain a few percent ! maybe i should wear higher heel !

Yesterday , we went "the middle shop" for dinner and we met Mr Able & Mr Joe ~it reminds me of the lecture class that he hugging the Barney and sing Barney song !! soooooo funny ... * I Love you , you love me .... * LOL ~ he really looks like Barney !! He could sing and dance ~ LOL ! he is my favourite lecturer ! he is humourous and cute ! Yesterday , Miss Wong gonna transfer to PJ campus then the whole DDK1 play mexican wave with 500 ppl ... sooo fun ! hard to imagine we will play these kind of games in lecture class right ? well , it really happened in our lecture class for Public Speaking ~

After that, we went to a shop and take a look ...i saw a really niceeee and cuteeeeeeeee shirt !! no matter its red or green oso look sooooooo NICE !! it just cost around RM18+ !! however, i lack of money recently ! sigh ~ im sooo poor now , but money flew away very fast ~ dunno y ! after that , we went to released stress at Sky Online , and we played XDO ! yooo~ played till eye oso nearly fell out ... then around 10.30pm we went bck and i accompany Edmund go to Allen's house to print something ~ i felt bit of scare coz our flat got lots of indonesian labours ~ and recently westlake got 2 girls raped by indonesian labours ... i dunno whether its real or just rumours... however many of them said its true ! this the reason they make me felt creepy !! when im bck , i felt soooooooooo SAFE !! then we keng kai at Edmund's room again ... that Allen crazy d , wear lala & leong style and said that wanna go to school tomorrow with this attire ... i can tell that its terribly LEONG ! then , we go his room while he wanna change his pants and refused to go out , he use his stinky blanket to get me out from his room.. hohoho ! we r not afraid ! then we played Sumo ~ and we end up with our bruise hand ! LOL ~ then gooooooo sleeeeeeeeep LO ~


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