Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Talking to a donut -.-

Gift From Daddy ~

Copycat ahhh ~

Eating Steamboat ~

Hohoho ~ dun envy

Finished our half day journey ~ me and Allen … as Edmund went back hometown already … left us two only …Just now we had our dinner at Grand Kampar Hotel … hohoho… its steamboat dinner ~ we stuffed till almost throw out … after that, we went to nearby computer centre because we want to play XDO ~ but most of it had full, then we went to V-tech and there left 2 last place … and we just ask for it … the connection soooooooo slowww!! Just like a tortoise … we can’t stand already then straight away pay the money … we just used for around 10 minutes and they charge me rm 1 for each computer!!! It’s okay then … nvm , I won’t surf net in this computer centre anymore … After that ,we went to Westlake … We saw something weird … well 3 or 4 cars open their carriage that load with 6 or 8 speakers and start to play some song ~ in short , they are “booming” songs at lakeside =.=” each of the car boom different type of songs … and we sit at different bench with different mood … eventually , we can choose songs by sitting different bench … LOL ~ then , we go long kai again …. We go to take a look at the Tesco that are still under construction… then long into Westlake ~ I saw yew tiong, cutie and others TB8 group members….Cutie climb up to the roof and sat there looking at the sky ~ pretty cool… then we long to other places … at last , long back Westlake again and I saw Damien … he is drunk and keep calling my names … sot d … he ask Allen to let him ride the motor … but we don’t allow because he is DRUNK and that is Edmund’s motor ~ Phewww then we trick him and he gave up to ride the motor … then we long to Sing Ee’s house area and discuss bout the houses and tomorrow journey ~ around 12.30am we went bck … so early right ? there are some reason … is because tomorrow we are going to Ipoh ~ so I have to went home to choose shirt and pant ^^ Guess what Allen doing right now ? He is taking photo besides me … wearing pajamas and spectacle =.=” I’m so excited for tomorrow journey ~ hohoho ~ we will go meet Jaraldine and Cherrie , maybe Miacco and Rae too =) Good night ^^


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