Awwww ~

Monday, July 14, 2008

nice light effect right ?

My empty soya tang yuen ...

so many food ! delicious ~

muahahaha ~

Queen of westlake street light =.=


Last saturday finished the mid-term test.. the only thing i only know is i do it terribly !! awww econ soooo blurrrr ... i understand but dunno how to write it out ... aduh ~ computer studies are much better .. phew ... this week there will be 3 tests again ~ so worried right now ... pheww ~

guess what ... yesterday is the first time of my life that i sooooo late only sleeep ... 7.30 am only sleep ... cool right .... i dunno how to describe my black eye circle .... haizzzz.... tomorrow got presentation again right back ~

continue ~ ~

finally finished economic assignment and public speaking outline ~ thank god ! pheww....last tuesday night , after study accounting ... then allen suggest go mamak stall eat supper .. then we have to walk there ... bcoz have no transportation due to some reason !! then its around 10.30 pm , u know every step u walk , u need to look back to see anyone following u ... especially geliman ! aiyerrr ... that allen nt afraid at all ... oso dunno wat ppl lai de .. then he say anyone wan rape him , he will rape bck the guy =.=" he is super violent ~ after 10 minutes , we finally arrived mamak stall ... then he say too many ppl , need wait very long ... then we go another place to eat lo... then we go to "tian hu" restaurant eat lo... the restaurant look quite nice and 100% unlike mamak stall ! and our attire is soooooo casual ... just with ordinary shirt + beach pants + sandals ~ aiyo then its ok lo... but the food there quite expensive ... i ordered a soya bean "tang yuen" and a honeydew "sai mai lou" ...overall cost rm7.50 ah ~ wuwuwuwu T.T nvm la... once in a while ...

when we finished our supper , allen say wan go grand kampar hotel to play lift and take a look of the swimming pool... then when we walked in , seems like 2 just finished their supper at mamak stall ... we plan to play lift but then we end up with a few leaflet of steamboat and nyonya food =.=" hahaha ... after that , we walk out from the hotel and saw mercedes and BMW ... i asked allen help me to take photo and act like im going to take my car ... LOL ~ when i was trying act , and i saw a guy standing there and looking at me ... arghhhh so lose face... the allen somemore shout and say faster faster here here here ... ahhh wuwuwuw T.T ..

Next , we walked to westlake thru westlake houses back entrance ... and allen act like he is one of the resident of westlake house and greet the guard =.=" swt leh ... unconciously , a dog followed us ... when we stop , the dog stop too ... LOL ...suddenly another dog run very fast towards the dog and dog fights started ~ allen and i run away as quick as possible.... THANK GOD nobody was there ...soooo lose face again !! then we continue walk to westlake and we saw our secondary classmates .. She is playing truth and drinking beer =.=" and keep scolding rude words ... the only thing i can say is SWT ! how can a girl act like that ?!?!? nevermind then , we walk to lakeside and take a deep breath ... and realise the lake today smell so STINKY ! =.=" While we wanna walk bck , we realise the light effect of the street lamp very nice ! hohoho ... of course we take out our phone and start to take photo ... snap snap snap ~ when got car pass by then we act like looking at those flowers ... ahahaha ... so silly ... then continue snap snap snap ~ however unfortunately , we caught up by my group members ... ahhh and they misunderstood us !

Then another day, when i walked into the lecture hall , my group members look at me and shout gently SUE SUE SUE SUE ~ ! aiyerrrrr so lose face again again ...okay ... i gotta rehearse public speaking talk show ... to be continue ~


alvix said... geng lar 7.30 i go sch lor!!!tat time onli sleep..

Sue said...

hahaha geng leh ~

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