Memories ~

Sunday, July 27, 2008

4 of us ~

Stealing ~ ngek ngek ngek

So nice ~

Ahhemm , cameraman ... where is my eyes ?

i luv tis pic ... hoho its meee

Yesterday, gathering with my hometown friends ~ sooooo happy to see them...we went out together , 4of us , Ck , Kk , Allen and me ... feel like we are bck to past day ... because 4 of us always went out together when secondary school ~ Yesterday i want to buy a new specs but i couldnt find a specs that i like it very much ... and i wan to buy contact lens too ... so confused ~ however , i bought a high heel yesterday ... after that , we bought "shake shake ice" and eat together in the car ... then we go for car wash ... it is so fun ! so excited when the car enter the machine ... and it just cost RM1 ~ after that , Kk say go paddyfield and enjoy our "shake shake ice" ... its raining , but we insist want to go ... and we persist to take umbrella and walk on the field ... LOL ~ we took lots of photo with the umbrella and paddy ~ LOL ... its a long time , 4 of us didnt go out together like yesterday ~ im sooo happy ~ all of us sing in the car , telling jokes and playing ~

At night , i went to Ck house and chit chat ~ then we go have supper and long kai again ~ then we go look for seng le ... i misss him so muchie muchie ... so long didnt see him , he still the same ... hahaha look so funny ~ he act gentleman and open car door for me and help me to close ... LOL and wait me outside when im entering my house ... he changed lot lot ... hahaha ~ so gentleman ~

im nobody

Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Today , woke up at 7.15 am and 8 am got class ... the problem is i not yet iron my formal shirt ... then i have to "ma fan " Edmund help me iron lo ~ paiseh la ... then i oso not yet make up and lots of stuff ... soooo ma fan lah ... everybody late for the class ... hohoho ... Rae rushing to class and im wondering wat motivates her to attend class on time ... Guess what ? she is rushing to continue the ending of "Sepet" that played by Mr. Able last week ... and left 20 minutes not yet finish and he promise to let us finish it this week ... The ending of "Sepet" was not nice ... everyone is crying but im not ... dunno why i feel so moody today ... dun ask me why , coz i dunno either ...
At 11 am , i got another talk show presentation ... im not nervous at all ...coz im really in bad mood ... i couldnt really laugh or smile ... dunno why ~our show performance was moderate la... more serious compare to another group ... The second group is the medicine for me today .... A guy from my group , Chris act Jolin ... he wear G bra with 2 oranges and wig .. sooooo funny ... the most funny is he dance like Jolin too ... LOL ! i cant explain how funny it is ... Then , im feeling better after the show ...
After that , we have to attend Joe's class ... attending his class was fun but im really sleepy and tired ... coz im wearing high heel... * sigh * However when he mention today topic is the hotest topic for final exam ... then i have to concentrate no matter how tired or sleepy i am ... The most wonderful things happened today is Jayson sang a love song to Miko ... That was ROMANTIC !!! Even though Jayson cant sing very well but we can feel his feeling to Miko was REAL !! LOL ~ envy envy envy la .... T.T Then, another guy named Ash , an indian .... he sang Jay Chou - Rainbow ~ He sound really incredible ... couldnt believe it ... hahaha ... he got potential to become singer , i guess >.<"
The last lecture is Mr Able's class , today got an activity ... that is go to pc lab and search some information for the tutorial ...Stephy , Miacco and i walk here and there to look for pc .. finally , we can found it ... however , mine pc have no chair ... and i have to squad while im searching for information and im wearing high heel , BABY ! i squad for around 20 minutes and i felt dizzy when i stand up ... ahhhh ... so tired ahh my feet !!
Im soooooooooo tired and hungry now ~ still waiting Rae and Miacco fetch me go to have my dinner .... its raining now and im feeling moody right now ... everything so "ngam"
p/s: Listening to 记得-张惠妹

One day

Tuesday, July 22, 2008

SQ = so cute -,-

Our claypot chicken rice

FOC de big head photo

Ipoh Ipoh Ipoh ... i went ipoh with allen last sunday ...we woke up in the very very early morning , 7 am ! then bath bath make up make up . then walk to nearvy bus stop and wait for the bus... the problem is im wearing high heel , baby !!

around an hour , finally we arrived ipoh ... yoyoyo ~ then we change bus to jusco ~ hohoho ... im so scare when i walking down stairs ... my feet will shake ~ around 10 am , we arrived jusco ~ hoho , then the first thing we do is go toilet and set our hair ~ after that , its time to fill up our stomach ~ we ate claypot chicken rice ~ nice nice o ... then walk around ... i nearly cant feel my feet anymore ... so tired to walk coz im wearing high heel ... tat fatt hao Allen wanna look for singlet and my purpose is take big head photo again ~ hehehe ! dunno why , i think taking big head photo very worthy and memorable .... after that , we go take big head photo !! the light effect makes me look soooooo pretty eventhough i edited till soo flowery ~ then we shop shop shop from first floor to second floor ~ i didnt plan to buy any shirt , but then Allen pull me to Giordano ... he said he wanna buy a shirt , then 2 shirt cheaper ...we suggest that share share lo ... but at last , he didnt bought any shirt , but i spent rm 69 !! ahhh ~ haizzz nvm la... i really gonna broke soon ... next week i wan buy contact lens leh ... haizzz now no $$ d la...

After a while , Cherrie and Jaraldine called me and wanna meet with us ... but then i meet Miacco and Rae first ... the main purpose is wanna see their bf ... hohoho ... we meet at food and tea... Miacco's bf look cool ~ very man ... but then Rae's lovers look more cute and funny ... he look really funny and cute ... after we have our drinks then me , Miacco and Rae go to toilet and 3 guys waiting us at toilet outside ... i thought they will social and communicate ... LOL 3 of them didn talk at all... Miacco's bf sitting , Rae's lover standing and Allen walking around ... then Rae and her loves one rushing to the cinema for movie ... so left me and Allen ... we walk to MPH coz he wanna buy guy's magazine then Cherrie , Jaraldine and Louise meet us there ... Then Louise fetch us bck to bus station ...Then we goooo bck to kampar luh ....

In the bus , the seat quite small and we couldnt sleep well ... however i manage to take a nap ... before i sleep , im holding the bus ticket , then when i awake , the bus ticket flew away d ... =.=" when the staff wanna check ticket , i act pity and told him my ticket ..... then he say okok ... HOHOHO ~ then start raining d ... that allen sleep like a pig ! and i felt so cold like in a freezer .... Around 6 am , we arrived home !! ^^


Talking to a donut -.-

Gift From Daddy ~

Copycat ahhh ~

Eating Steamboat ~

Hohoho ~ dun envy

Finished our half day journey ~ me and Allen … as Edmund went back hometown already … left us two only …Just now we had our dinner at Grand Kampar Hotel … hohoho… its steamboat dinner ~ we stuffed till almost throw out … after that, we went to nearby computer centre because we want to play XDO ~ but most of it had full, then we went to V-tech and there left 2 last place … and we just ask for it … the connection soooooooo slowww!! Just like a tortoise … we can’t stand already then straight away pay the money … we just used for around 10 minutes and they charge me rm 1 for each computer!!! It’s okay then … nvm , I won’t surf net in this computer centre anymore … After that ,we went to Westlake … We saw something weird … well 3 or 4 cars open their carriage that load with 6 or 8 speakers and start to play some song ~ in short , they are “booming” songs at lakeside =.=” each of the car boom different type of songs … and we sit at different bench with different mood … eventually , we can choose songs by sitting different bench … LOL ~ then , we go long kai again …. We go to take a look at the Tesco that are still under construction… then long into Westlake ~ I saw yew tiong, cutie and others TB8 group members….Cutie climb up to the roof and sat there looking at the sky ~ pretty cool… then we long to other places … at last , long back Westlake again and I saw Damien … he is drunk and keep calling my names … sot d … he ask Allen to let him ride the motor … but we don’t allow because he is DRUNK and that is Edmund’s motor ~ Phewww then we trick him and he gave up to ride the motor … then we long to Sing Ee’s house area and discuss bout the houses and tomorrow journey ~ around 12.30am we went bck … so early right ? there are some reason … is because tomorrow we are going to Ipoh ~ so I have to went home to choose shirt and pant ^^ Guess what Allen doing right now ? He is taking photo besides me … wearing pajamas and spectacle =.=” I’m so excited for tomorrow journey ~ hohoho ~ we will go meet Jaraldine and Cherrie , maybe Miacco and Rae too =) Good night ^^


Just finished my mid term test… pheww… everything relieve now …no stress!! no stress !! I think the worst subject for me is accounting and economic… others I got confidence can get better marks… =) now im laying on my bed beside Edmund and Allen…. Tonight I gonna go to eat steamboat … hohoho ! but im worried bout my stomach coz I got diarrhea this morning. I had to finish the exam in 30 minutes coz I cant stand anymore… my stomach really pain and I had to rush to toilet to finish my business ~ thank god I can finish it before my S*** spew out …ewww =.=”

So, there few incidents happened in our house recently… first, my room is the luckiest of all… I dunno why the ghost want to choose my room and disturb me… dunno him or her la…When I sleep , I could heard walking steps sound towards my window, when I open my eyes, I see nobody =.=” Next incidents is I could feel somebody knee pressed on my bed while Im sleeping and I thought is Allen or Edmund … they trying to fool me or whatever… but I open my eyes again , I saw nobody ~ well , this really freaks me out ! I dun understand why he or she choose my room laaa … Furthermore, one day when everyone went out and left me alone at house …. While im studying , I heard someone knocked my door and when I opened my door , I saw nobody AGAIN !! I felt creepy at first, but now im okay with it … Yesterday he or she make some weird noise again … three of us could feel it…. Moreover , last night while I washing my keyboard protector at toilet , I could felt a black shadow entering the toilet…. 100% I believe is him or her … now , I had moved to Allen and Edmund’s room. Edmund will bring some amulet for us from hometown… So our house wouldn’t be haunted house anymore …. Tonight the whole house left me and Allen , wondering what will happen tonight… hopefully everything gonna be okayyyyy ~

Its all about school thing now … I dunwan mention the bloody asshole ~ she is soooooooo irresponsible !! I hate her attitude… she is so lazy until doesn’t want to do anything… we are a group in assignment work.. I dunno why she enter our group !! ahhh first I dunno her personality and attitude…. Last week, Miacco said we all should discuss the assignment together on Sunday.. then she said she lazy and want to sleep … then its okay … when I going to Miacco house for the assignment discussion, I saw her holding her hands with her bf going into a shop !! LIAR !!!! Its okay then , she did not contribute anything in this assignment, then we ask her to do the outline … outline is soooooo easy … just found out the main point and supporting idea and print it out …and she said okok , she will done it on Friday because Friday is the deadline … then when we went to school , she told Stephy she dunno how to do it and she forgot already …. I dunno what the heck she is thinking … and 12 pm need to pass up ! that time already 11 pm while we are in computer studies class … She cause a lot of trouble and all of us have to skip the class and finish the outline in an hour !! she still got mood dating with bf and enter the computer studies class… when she walk by , I doesn’t want to look at her at all !! I afraid that I might slap or punch her !! @#$%^^&^$#@ at last we finished it at 1 pm … its too little too late !! Our lecturer is a very strict person and she said she wont receive any outline after 12 pm …. We keep on persuade her and told her the reason why … finally she accepted it and said this is a lessons and she will deduct our marks… phewww ~ about the girl , I wont forgive what she had done … I had to endure her till Wednesday till the talk show finished … Monday we still have rehearsal … I need to face her again !! yerrrr …. By the way, here is the reinforcement thesis , half of the TB6 dislikes her !! I think more than that !!!

Okay , its time for siesta …. To be continue ~

Awwww ~

Monday, July 14, 2008

nice light effect right ?

My empty soya tang yuen ...

so many food ! delicious ~

muahahaha ~

Queen of westlake street light =.=


Last saturday finished the mid-term test.. the only thing i only know is i do it terribly !! awww econ soooo blurrrr ... i understand but dunno how to write it out ... aduh ~ computer studies are much better .. phew ... this week there will be 3 tests again ~ so worried right now ... pheww ~

guess what ... yesterday is the first time of my life that i sooooo late only sleeep ... 7.30 am only sleep ... cool right .... i dunno how to describe my black eye circle .... haizzzz.... tomorrow got presentation again right back ~

continue ~ ~

finally finished economic assignment and public speaking outline ~ thank god ! pheww....last tuesday night , after study accounting ... then allen suggest go mamak stall eat supper .. then we have to walk there ... bcoz have no transportation due to some reason !! then its around 10.30 pm , u know every step u walk , u need to look back to see anyone following u ... especially geliman ! aiyerrr ... that allen nt afraid at all ... oso dunno wat ppl lai de .. then he say anyone wan rape him , he will rape bck the guy =.=" he is super violent ~ after 10 minutes , we finally arrived mamak stall ... then he say too many ppl , need wait very long ... then we go another place to eat lo... then we go to "tian hu" restaurant eat lo... the restaurant look quite nice and 100% unlike mamak stall ! and our attire is soooooo casual ... just with ordinary shirt + beach pants + sandals ~ aiyo then its ok lo... but the food there quite expensive ... i ordered a soya bean "tang yuen" and a honeydew "sai mai lou" ...overall cost rm7.50 ah ~ wuwuwuwu T.T nvm la... once in a while ...

when we finished our supper , allen say wan go grand kampar hotel to play lift and take a look of the swimming pool... then when we walked in , seems like 2 just finished their supper at mamak stall ... we plan to play lift but then we end up with a few leaflet of steamboat and nyonya food =.=" hahaha ... after that , we walk out from the hotel and saw mercedes and BMW ... i asked allen help me to take photo and act like im going to take my car ... LOL ~ when i was trying act , and i saw a guy standing there and looking at me ... arghhhh so lose face... the allen somemore shout and say faster faster here here here ... ahhh wuwuwuw T.T ..

Next , we walked to westlake thru westlake houses back entrance ... and allen act like he is one of the resident of westlake house and greet the guard =.=" swt leh ... unconciously , a dog followed us ... when we stop , the dog stop too ... LOL ...suddenly another dog run very fast towards the dog and dog fights started ~ allen and i run away as quick as possible.... THANK GOD nobody was there ...soooo lose face again !! then we continue walk to westlake and we saw our secondary classmates .. She is playing truth and drinking beer =.=" and keep scolding rude words ... the only thing i can say is SWT ! how can a girl act like that ?!?!? nevermind then , we walk to lakeside and take a deep breath ... and realise the lake today smell so STINKY ! =.=" While we wanna walk bck , we realise the light effect of the street lamp very nice ! hohoho ... of course we take out our phone and start to take photo ... snap snap snap ~ when got car pass by then we act like looking at those flowers ... ahahaha ... so silly ... then continue snap snap snap ~ however unfortunately , we caught up by my group members ... ahhh and they misunderstood us !

Then another day, when i walked into the lecture hall , my group members look at me and shout gently SUE SUE SUE SUE ~ ! aiyerrrrr so lose face again again ...okay ... i gotta rehearse public speaking talk show ... to be continue ~

Phew ~

Thursday, July 10, 2008

Yo... this week im not gonna bck to hometown because there will be an exam at saturday ! well , i know its not difficult coz its a test , but im still afraid coz its my first exam in UTAR ! i havent finish doing my econ revision and lecturer start to teach macroeconomic today ! ahhhh everything so fast , and now already half of a semester ... wa wa wa !

Yesterday is the most sweet night ever in kampar coz i sleep for 9 hours ! 1 am - 9 am ... envyyyy right ? welll i just tried it onceee only ! phew .... now im doing my english project ... tomorrow need to stay back to discuss economic assignment , Saturday i need to discuss public speaking assignment with my group... hell lots of assignment !
Yesterday after we finish our dinner , we bought 6 egg tarts and enjoy it at westlake ... looking at the night scenery and eat our egg tarts... we sit on the bench and im the only one walk on the bench ... even though it look dangerous and i could fall into the lake ... but i insist to walk over like a crab! LOL , then we record our MV from Mariah Carey - When u believe ... i just wish to cover my face so that nobody can recognize me ... ahhh so embrassing ...
Its gonna rain now .... all of us feeling down too ... everyone guessing what their loves one thinking....then all of us sing sad song together and cry together ... LOL... Love really so teapot ... sienzz ah ... but i wish i could have one .. the only one and i will love him forever ! yay ... however im still searching ... =.="

Failure !

Thursday, July 3, 2008

After presentation

Before presentation

Me & Sing Ee at toilet

my first presentation finished ! finally !!! i felt that i did it terribly !! i missed lots of point and i didnt mention !! soooooo pissed off !! im so nervous till everything crashed !! arghhh ... i know that i get 10 marks ~ if im not mistaken ~ sigh ! feeling bad eventhough i wear so pretty ~ haha ~ the additional factor is there are other visitors ~ Jaraldine and his friend , Edmund and his friends ~ make me more nervous ..... SIGH ! its okay now , and i gained experiences , im sure i will did it better for the upcoming presentation ~ i really lack of confidence eventhough i wear high heel ~ LOL high heel can make a person gain confidence ! however it just gain a few percent ! maybe i should wear higher heel !

Yesterday , we went "the middle shop" for dinner and we met Mr Able & Mr Joe ~it reminds me of the lecture class that he hugging the Barney and sing Barney song !! soooooo funny ... * I Love you , you love me .... * LOL ~ he really looks like Barney !! He could sing and dance ~ LOL ! he is my favourite lecturer ! he is humourous and cute ! Yesterday , Miss Wong gonna transfer to PJ campus then the whole DDK1 play mexican wave with 500 ppl ... sooo fun ! hard to imagine we will play these kind of games in lecture class right ? well , it really happened in our lecture class for Public Speaking ~

After that, we went to a shop and take a look ...i saw a really niceeee and cuteeeeeeeee shirt !! no matter its red or green oso look sooooooo NICE !! it just cost around RM18+ !! however, i lack of money recently ! sigh ~ im sooo poor now , but money flew away very fast ~ dunno y ! after that , we went to released stress at Sky Online , and we played XDO ! yooo~ played till eye oso nearly fell out ... then around 10.30pm we went bck and i accompany Edmund go to Allen's house to print something ~ i felt bit of scare coz our flat got lots of indonesian labours ~ and recently westlake got 2 girls raped by indonesian labours ... i dunno whether its real or just rumours... however many of them said its true ! this the reason they make me felt creepy !! when im bck , i felt soooooooooo SAFE !! then we keng kai at Edmund's room again ... that Allen crazy d , wear lala & leong style and said that wanna go to school tomorrow with this attire ... i can tell that its terribly LEONG ! then , we go his room while he wanna change his pants and refused to go out , he use his stinky blanket to get me out from his room.. hohoho ! we r not afraid ! then we played Sumo ~ and we end up with our bruise hand ! LOL ~ then gooooooo sleeeeeeeeep LO ~

Tomorrow ~

Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Edited By All Of Us =)

Want to hit him right ?

Sexy leh ! hahaha

Us in formal suit

My Pretty Leg ~

Sunday night , all of us wear formal suits and took pics ! lots of it !! we played till 3 am... u can see how crazy we were , they use my laptop to took pics ~ and playing with shoes , watches and hair ~ Well its funny and i luv it ~ i reall luv my formal suits ~ the blouse was chosen by veeiean while match with Allen's tie ~ looks perfect yo ~ just like a teacher or air stewardess.. a sudden feelings of singing " Pretty woman , walking down the streets " LOL ! Besides, we also have our mask that bought from the face shop ... seriously , i think its pretty good and cheap !! i wanna buy it again ...Allen and i took pics again while doing mask ! LOL ~

Yesterday , we have been editing photo for the whole night ! and 2 am only sleep =.=" we had designed a poster for our upcoming drama ~ hahaha just jk ! however i think tats cool ! then recently i edited many photo ~ they were soo cool till everyone loves it ! coz every photo i edit mean alot of things to me ...

Today , i will go Rae & Miacco's house stay overnight .. ahhh ... because tomorrow i will have my presentation ! they will help me set hair and make up ! im sooooo NERVOUS !! *stomache* i havent get ready yo ~ ! my first presentation , i havent prepare it but still writing blog here ! LOL ~

Now , whats on my mind is just BLANK !! freakin nervous ! arghhh ... somebody console me !! somebody help me !!

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