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Saturday, June 28, 2008

Edited by me , shoe from Miacco ~ ^^

haiya ... i sick again ... no voice d , i think Jaraldine infected me ~ hahaha , jus kidding ... the weather here getting worst , sometimes hot like stove ! sometimes rain like gonna flood ~ apalah ni ? and i didnt drink enough water so this the main reason im sicked ! last thursday , after last lecture class , wahlao ~ the rain so HEAVY ! almost can blow us away except me ... lol coz overweight ! then we have to wait till the rain stop .. the rain havent stop for 30 mins .. then i drive rae's car to fetch them ... rain on me its okay , but not on the laptop pls... im soooo worried for my laptop !when i arrived my house area, then allen take me an umbrella , thank god my laptop was FINE ! phew !! after that we cook noodle at home for dinner again !! haiz ... after i bathed , i went to wei xiang's house to do econ's revision , he explained a while then go out yum cha with friends liao =.=" then i played maple with ah bee...around 11.30 pm , i went bck with Jonathan... after that , we continue do revision at Edmund's room , coz my room's bulb cant light up ~ i have no choice so i go his room do revision together with Allen and Jonathan...

Back to hometown , i found out that i really love driving especially in high speed ! sooo fun !! i think i can drive very smoothly ~ even CK say me yeng ~ hohoho ~ i think i really can drive ! ^^ Yesterday , i went out with Veeiean and i spent RM72 ~ i bought 2 shirts =( but they really look nice ! yay ~ just now went out with ck them , and spent another RM10 at Pizza Hut for breakfast... where got ppl take breakfast at there ~ aduh ~ then we go VA again !! XDO ~ no more XDO in next month !! exam ahh ... so im nt gonna play it till i finished my mid term test ~i havent prepared my presentation on next wednesday !! arghhh .. nt yet memorize ahhhh ~ got lotsss of thing havent do ... gotta do it now ~


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