* Sigh *

Sunday, June 22, 2008


Today , i felt that i got lots of thing not yet do ~ a lots of assignment !! sooo sick of it ! im getting tired , and i have to face mid term test soon .... how to spare my time by doing so much things ~ i need study study and study ~ i miss secondary school's life ~ eventhough less freedom , but i manage to get my everything done ~ sigh , what can i do now ? im totally lost .... i am so frustrated to face so many problems everyday ~ when all these problems will gone ? my head gonna explode soon .... arghhh ~ now i jus wanna lie on bed and SLEEP ! zZzZzZ

Later , i wanna go bck again ~ every week return home , i felt so tired and its a wasting of time .. sometimes i rather stay at there and study ... but nobody wanna stay there for weekends... i have no choice and i have to return hometown with them ... but when im home , i will felt happy too , coz i can meet my family and friends ! i missss them sooooooo much ~ miss the times we all hang out together and have fun ~ but we cant return to the past anymore , we need to face reality everyday with smiles ~ Yeah !


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