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Thursday, June 26, 2008

small eyes baby
Sleeping babies
Sue-On (Ju-On) =)

Im sooooo nervous for the assignment now ~ yesterday i went to my friend's house , Allen ~ not that pig housemate Allen , this Allen is my classmate ~ He help me to print out the assignment's cover page ~ when i look at it , i start to feel nervous ! duh ! besides i also copy some songs from his laptop ~ hahaha ! When im bck , i discuss with Allen and Edmund bout my assignment ~ eventually , im helping Allen to check his assignment ~ i oso fix some grammar mistakes ~ After that , i suggest to look at trip and secondary school photo ~ After we enjoy then .... we start to take photo by using my laptop's webcam ! we played for an hour !! keep changing poses and doin crazy act ~ LOL ! look silly but funny !! All of us look so cute ... the only thing i wondering is Allen suppose to be toothache , but then he recovered from that and played with us... Do that count as miracle ? Hahaha ~

Recently , so many things bothering me ! ASSIGNMENTS and MID TERM TEST ! i dunno i should do revision for mid term test or do assigments first ~ ahhh ~ sooooo annoyed !! why do things always mess together ? However , im happy when im home , coz its really felt like my home with my housemate ~ no more argue , no more cold war ! yeapie ! i had controlled my temper and i think that wasnt a bad idea ... now we all live happily ever after ! PEACE !


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