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Tuesday, June 24, 2008


Now at computer studies tutorial class ~ hahaha , trying to write my blog secretly ~ Sing Ee trying very hard to access to wble ~ while Miacco login to messenger ~ LOL ~ Tutor is explaining the answer ~ so bored now ... tonight our house will organize a candle light dinner and i will be the chef ~ hohoho ! yesterday i had a terrible diarrhea ~ hopefully today they will not get it too ~ This candle light dinner was specially dedicated for Jonathan and Allen to celebrate that they had finished their BM resit ~ i had prepared those forks , spoons and plates nicely on the table as well as the candles too ~ i arranged them properly and nicely ~ today they will gonna have their dinner at "alike 5 star restaurant" ~ LOL ! Im so freaking excited that i will be cooking tonight coz i LOVE cooking !!

Yesterday, Veeiean and Chee Eng came kampar and visited me ~ well , we went to Sky Online and we played XDO again ! arghh ... mid term test is coming soon and i havent start do revision ~ Tic Tac! Tic Tac! Tic Tac! ~ lalala ~ brb ~ paying attention to class now =)


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