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Sunday, June 22, 2008


Yesterday didnt go ipoh , bcoz i discuss with Allen , and he suggest go on saturday ~ that idea sounds good too ~ so we decided go on saturday...thank god , my parents let me go , if not i have to wear sandals to give presentation ~ i wake up so early bcoz heard my parents argue ... dunno what they argue lah ~ then i have breakfast with wei xiang , ck , seng le and jonathan while allen make appointment with dentist ...while waiting him finish , we go VA play XDO , then he sms me tell me maybe cannot go ... walao ~ i felt like struck by lightning and thunder ~ i dunno how to describe the feeling , because all my expectation and plan gone ~ the main point is i cant shopping ~!! Thank god , he sms me and tell me ntg d ...he can go ~ then only i can concentrate on XDO ~

Around 10.30 am , we bought bus ticket and sit on our seats waiting the bus driver ~ its my first time to go ipoh by bus with allen ( he oso first time go by bus ), thats y so excited and scare cant catch up the bus ~ on the way to ipoh , behind me there is 2 guys non stop talking from 11 am to 1 pm !! keep talking bout ragnarok ~ and tell wrong information to his friend =,= when i sit on the seat , i got a sudden feelings and wanna go to malacca with ck and kk again ~ that was a wonderful memories !

After 2 hours , we finally arrived and we go and look for the bus to jusco ~ the bus look like will collapse anytime , when u sit on the seat , u will feel like sitting on OSIM Massage Chair ~ it keep on vibrate from my shoulder to my feet ~ Allen and i keep laughing in the bus bcoz really funny... when we arrive jusco , the first thing is go bathroom and set our hair ~ haha ..after that , i straight away walk into Vincci to look for high heel ~ there are several nice shoes but when i wear it , it looks strange ~ then , we go to Nose and the shoes look even more weird ! then we go Padini Concept Store and met Jaraldine and Shin there ... LOL , she so sampat la... hahaha , Allen cant found his shirt and i got no time to shop there ... after that , we went for "big head shot" ~ im so happy coz finally i waited so long !! i wanna take it so badly eventhough its expensive ... we decorate 2 photo and others 2 didn decorate bcoz out of time ~ however i still felt very happy ... then Allen saw watch stall , and his eyes keep look at the stalls and pull me over there ... finally i choose a nice watch for him and he bought it ... i think it looks very nice ~ i saw another watch its so cute , there is elephant inside the watch and the strap is green colour !! i cant wear it coz look very childish ~ then we go to the face shop , and i bought foundation and mask ~ i very trust this brand bcoz the mouthpiece is Kwon Sang Woo ~ Yeah ! I love him ! After that i go to empro and have my eyebrow shaping ... phew ~ spent lots of money ~ then i made my decision and go Vincci take a look again , and i saw 2 pairs of shoes ... dunno which to choose because i like both of it ~ i ask Allen's idea , and he ask me to wear the first one , and then the second one ... he suddenly say this nice then change his mind and say another one nice ... finally , i ask the promoter ... haha coz i cant make decision ~ then i bought the first one ... the second got a ribbon , looks very cute ~ After that , we bought Pringles , sweets and herbal eggs as our lunch ~ today really happy coz i bought things i need and want ~ Its a happy day and ended with smiles =)

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