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Thursday, June 19, 2008

Yesterday so tired , from 8 am till 5 pm ~ so many lecture class and tutorial class !! arghhh !! We had bought our dinner from pasar malam ~ i bought lots of sushi, fried ice cream and ABC ~ yo , i spent lots money ~ then wei xiang sms me ask us to go his house to discuss bout friday's plan... after we chit chat and decided that we will go ipoh by this friday , then we go westlake "long kai" ~ eventually , we stand there to feed mosquitoes ~ then we chit chat again ... bla bla bla ~ after that, we felt hungry and thirsty ... then we go to Ghany Corner and order roti KLCC ~ so huge man ! however it is enough to statisfy all of us ... we sit there and continue our conversation ~ ah b talk bout his black society things ~ then around 1 am , we only go bck... on the way bck , we saw police outside our flat ... then i quickly call chin yew and wei xiang bcoz chin yew lend me his helmet ~ thank god wei xiang answer my call and wei chung manage to get bck and give him the helmet .. then when i get bck i didn realise that allen bck ... luckily i didn take off my pants and run around ~ =.=" then i forgot take my napkin at their bathroom , and it is found out by chin yew !! it is soooooooooo EMBARASING ! ADUH !! and i swear i wont use their bathroom d ... i REALLY forgot d !! ahhh ~ so geli ah !! however , allen slept d , and i wondering did he know about the napkin things ? did he brush his teeth and wash his face ? i think no bah ~ p/s: the napkin is SUPER CLEAN !! no stain at all !!!!!!!!! i wondering do i have enough money to use this friday ? i think i will spent lots of money !! however, i felt so excited to go ipoh ! yeah !! its shopping time !!!! okay , its the time for discussion for mass com assignment !


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