Candle Light Dinner ~

Thursday, June 26, 2008

Happy Candle Light Dinner

Romantic Candle Light Dinner

see this two ppl ~ aduh

Our ONLY Dessert !


Just come bck from school then , me and edmund go to nearest grocery shop to buy some extra food ~ we bought black pepper sauce and sarsi ~ then when we get back , i straight away pour oil into the kuali and start to fried chicken chop ~its my first time to fry chicken chop ~ its funny !! however , we cook the procedure of food oppositely ... we should be fried eggs and sausages first , then the chicken ~ but we cook all inversely ~ LOL ! then when i almost finish cooking dinner ~ Jonathan and Allen sms me that they maybe back at 8 pm ! of course , the fire on my head is hotter than the stove ~ then i sms them , ask them come bck at 7 pm ~ in fact , they are fooling me !!

at 7 pm sharp , they were bck ! just when i call Jonathan , and his phone rang outside our house ~ hahaha and i knew it ! they seems suprised ~ because i decorate it very nicely and really romantic duh ! see how much efforts i put on them ~ they should be appreaciate ! the first thing Jonathan do is smile and look at the food , see whether is it over cooked while Allen take his phone out and start taking photo ! then we start to enjoy our dinner~ im soooo starving at the moment ~ besides , i also play some romantic songs to match the environment ~ hahaha ! its really like any 5 stars restaurant ~ the only thing that we didnt have is a waiter ~ hahaha , Allen keep call , Waiter ! Waiter ! then Jonathan ran over and took the sarsi as a wine with clothes cover it and pour to our glasses ~ Hahaha ! thats so funny ! They felt that its too spicy , but for me its sooooo nice !

After dinner , the songs change to hip hop and jazz genre ~ then Allen start dancing like a lady and playing with the chair ~ he open his leg widely and dance like a sexy hot woman ~ We laugh till nearly vomit ! after that , we all dance together ~ i teach them how to dance like a sexy lady ~ ahaha everyone followed me ~ then , its Edmund's time , he taught us how to dance latin ~ LOL ! everyone is having great fun !! we dance for around an hour ~ the most funny is Allen , he dance to my room and ran bck to living room ~ LOL , the way he act look soooooooo FUNNY ! I will never forget that day ! its the most happiest moment at Kampar ! Last , i wish they get good result for the BM resit ~ then the efforts i've done that day had not wasted !


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