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Sunday, June 15, 2008

i need go bck study already , so many assignment waiting for me... im so tired and yesterday i looked for information till 4 am ...arghh black eye circle become bigger d ... ahhhh ~ i dunwan ah... so stress ~ everyday force myself study after bck from school ... so suffer ... some lectures are very very lousy especially econ , accounting and computer studies... their teaching method really poor to the max ! accounting is the worst , thank god i got the basic ... when econ class, there are thousand millions of question marks on my head ... i dun even know what she said... the way she talk , i dun understand at all...and need go bck revision or ask wei xiang ... bcoz his econ very good .... computer studies oso the same , she cant speak fluently ... she could say email to e-mere , spanish to spanise , table to cable , and she keep on say bla bla bla and no no no ... aduh .. im not saying they are not pro , just they cant be a teacher yet ... they need more training ... maybe they should go for public speaking class with us... sigh ... i hate enter class that i dun understand what the hell they are teaching ...

its another new week tomorrow , hope everything gonna be smooth as what i expect , i wish everything bck to the begining that we used to have fun together ... that was the greatest memories ever .. sometimes i wish i could go bck to secondary school , everyone so good , only treat friends with true heart , no betray , no nit to adapt to new environment ... no need scare this and that ... i realise i might GILA already , im so hyper nervous , what things i also worry , what oso scare , even wait for friends to fetch me , or wait ppl , i will nervous and scare maybe they forget me ... then i will start stomache ... i felt so insecure ... sigh ~ how to cure it ?

besides , i had sick for 2 weeks just after allen sick , i think 90% he infected me ... last week is the worst week of my life , im sick and i have to go to school , coz i scare i couldnt follow up if i missed any class... fever , cough , sore throat and running nose are coming for me ... i couldnt cough at school even in bus , i have to endure and go to toilet cough , so that nobody will scare of me ... when my throat itchy , i jus couldnt do anything except endure till my tears keep on fall , look like someone crying ... aduh ! 4 pm i gotta go bck by bus ... sigh ~


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