Another Crazy Day ~

Tuesday, June 17, 2008

now i at my friend's house using her broadband ... hohohoh ... its free ... she is removing her make up while i looking for information for my public speaking assignment ... my notebook battery gonna used up ~ and a sudden feeling to write blog ... lol ~ jaraldine went bck d ... if not we will crazier ~ just now we went to unknown person house in westlake and look for a leng zai... he look cute but not my type ~ its rae's favourite ! LOL ~ we took several photo of him and wanna sell to Rae tomorrow ~ hahaha ~ its business time !

today accounting tutorial , i dun understand at all !!! the lecture give us know which for which things only , but didn explain why will like tis ... bla bla bla... its a bit different in malay ... although i got basic of accounting , i still have no confident to get tis subject a better grade... still worrying mid term test on week 7 !! Econ lecture teached so FAST !! Baby i couldnt follow up !! i need revision at home ...

Today i put my notebook to ICT and fix wi-fi ~ now still cant use it , maybe several days later then only can use ....after an hour , i go and get back ... i realise there were some SCRATCHES !! i hope i could kill the staff !! then i went to library outside and sit there online and playing our notebook ~ the view there very nice ... good feng shui ~ LOL

my friend just ran out and putting mask on her face , look like a ghost , but its funny !! hahaha... cherrie so funny !! I'm wondering what the heck allen and jonathan doing out there ? its late d lah ~ nvm la , i oso at my friend's house ~ LOL ! i miss my friend veeiean and ck , wondering what they doin ... but i think they slept already ~ my best buddy veeiean wanna move to KL taylor study already ~ while my baby sister still at my hometown continue her form 6 ~ miss the days we hang out together !! those are sweetest memories ever ~ ahh , battery gonna used up ~ stop right here


qi said...

so late!
i sure bak home!

Sue said...

sampat la u ~ LOL

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