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Saturday, June 28, 2008

Edited by me , shoe from Miacco ~ ^^

haiya ... i sick again ... no voice d , i think Jaraldine infected me ~ hahaha , jus kidding ... the weather here getting worst , sometimes hot like stove ! sometimes rain like gonna flood ~ apalah ni ? and i didnt drink enough water so this the main reason im sicked ! last thursday , after last lecture class , wahlao ~ the rain so HEAVY ! almost can blow us away except me ... lol coz overweight ! then we have to wait till the rain stop .. the rain havent stop for 30 mins .. then i drive rae's car to fetch them ... rain on me its okay , but not on the laptop pls... im soooo worried for my laptop !when i arrived my house area, then allen take me an umbrella , thank god my laptop was FINE ! phew !! after that we cook noodle at home for dinner again !! haiz ... after i bathed , i went to wei xiang's house to do econ's revision , he explained a while then go out yum cha with friends liao =.=" then i played maple with ah bee...around 11.30 pm , i went bck with Jonathan... after that , we continue do revision at Edmund's room , coz my room's bulb cant light up ~ i have no choice so i go his room do revision together with Allen and Jonathan...

Back to hometown , i found out that i really love driving especially in high speed ! sooo fun !! i think i can drive very smoothly ~ even CK say me yeng ~ hohoho ~ i think i really can drive ! ^^ Yesterday , i went out with Veeiean and i spent RM72 ~ i bought 2 shirts =( but they really look nice ! yay ~ just now went out with ck them , and spent another RM10 at Pizza Hut for breakfast... where got ppl take breakfast at there ~ aduh ~ then we go VA again !! XDO ~ no more XDO in next month !! exam ahh ... so im nt gonna play it till i finished my mid term test ~i havent prepared my presentation on next wednesday !! arghhh .. nt yet memorize ahhhh ~ got lotsss of thing havent do ... gotta do it now ~

Possiblities ~

Thursday, June 26, 2008

small eyes baby
Sleeping babies
Sue-On (Ju-On) =)

Im sooooo nervous for the assignment now ~ yesterday i went to my friend's house , Allen ~ not that pig housemate Allen , this Allen is my classmate ~ He help me to print out the assignment's cover page ~ when i look at it , i start to feel nervous ! duh ! besides i also copy some songs from his laptop ~ hahaha ! When im bck , i discuss with Allen and Edmund bout my assignment ~ eventually , im helping Allen to check his assignment ~ i oso fix some grammar mistakes ~ After that , i suggest to look at trip and secondary school photo ~ After we enjoy then .... we start to take photo by using my laptop's webcam ! we played for an hour !! keep changing poses and doin crazy act ~ LOL ! look silly but funny !! All of us look so cute ... the only thing i wondering is Allen suppose to be toothache , but then he recovered from that and played with us... Do that count as miracle ? Hahaha ~

Recently , so many things bothering me ! ASSIGNMENTS and MID TERM TEST ! i dunno i should do revision for mid term test or do assigments first ~ ahhh ~ sooooo annoyed !! why do things always mess together ? However , im happy when im home , coz its really felt like my home with my housemate ~ no more argue , no more cold war ! yeapie ! i had controlled my temper and i think that wasnt a bad idea ... now we all live happily ever after ! PEACE !

Candle Light Dinner ~

Happy Candle Light Dinner

Romantic Candle Light Dinner

see this two ppl ~ aduh

Our ONLY Dessert !


Just come bck from school then , me and edmund go to nearest grocery shop to buy some extra food ~ we bought black pepper sauce and sarsi ~ then when we get back , i straight away pour oil into the kuali and start to fried chicken chop ~its my first time to fry chicken chop ~ its funny !! however , we cook the procedure of food oppositely ... we should be fried eggs and sausages first , then the chicken ~ but we cook all inversely ~ LOL ! then when i almost finish cooking dinner ~ Jonathan and Allen sms me that they maybe back at 8 pm ! of course , the fire on my head is hotter than the stove ~ then i sms them , ask them come bck at 7 pm ~ in fact , they are fooling me !!

at 7 pm sharp , they were bck ! just when i call Jonathan , and his phone rang outside our house ~ hahaha and i knew it ! they seems suprised ~ because i decorate it very nicely and really romantic duh ! see how much efforts i put on them ~ they should be appreaciate ! the first thing Jonathan do is smile and look at the food , see whether is it over cooked while Allen take his phone out and start taking photo ! then we start to enjoy our dinner~ im soooo starving at the moment ~ besides , i also play some romantic songs to match the environment ~ hahaha ! its really like any 5 stars restaurant ~ the only thing that we didnt have is a waiter ~ hahaha , Allen keep call , Waiter ! Waiter ! then Jonathan ran over and took the sarsi as a wine with clothes cover it and pour to our glasses ~ Hahaha ! thats so funny ! They felt that its too spicy , but for me its sooooo nice !

After dinner , the songs change to hip hop and jazz genre ~ then Allen start dancing like a lady and playing with the chair ~ he open his leg widely and dance like a sexy hot woman ~ We laugh till nearly vomit ! after that , we all dance together ~ i teach them how to dance like a sexy lady ~ ahaha everyone followed me ~ then , its Edmund's time , he taught us how to dance latin ~ LOL ! everyone is having great fun !! we dance for around an hour ~ the most funny is Allen , he dance to my room and ran bck to living room ~ LOL , the way he act look soooooooo FUNNY ! I will never forget that day ! its the most happiest moment at Kampar ! Last , i wish they get good result for the BM resit ~ then the efforts i've done that day had not wasted !

Hohoho ~

Tuesday, June 24, 2008


Now at computer studies tutorial class ~ hahaha , trying to write my blog secretly ~ Sing Ee trying very hard to access to wble ~ while Miacco login to messenger ~ LOL ~ Tutor is explaining the answer ~ so bored now ... tonight our house will organize a candle light dinner and i will be the chef ~ hohoho ! yesterday i had a terrible diarrhea ~ hopefully today they will not get it too ~ This candle light dinner was specially dedicated for Jonathan and Allen to celebrate that they had finished their BM resit ~ i had prepared those forks , spoons and plates nicely on the table as well as the candles too ~ i arranged them properly and nicely ~ today they will gonna have their dinner at "alike 5 star restaurant" ~ LOL ! Im so freaking excited that i will be cooking tonight coz i LOVE cooking !!

Yesterday, Veeiean and Chee Eng came kampar and visited me ~ well , we went to Sky Online and we played XDO again ! arghh ... mid term test is coming soon and i havent start do revision ~ Tic Tac! Tic Tac! Tic Tac! ~ lalala ~ brb ~ paying attention to class now =)

* Sigh *

Sunday, June 22, 2008


Today , i felt that i got lots of thing not yet do ~ a lots of assignment !! sooo sick of it ! im getting tired , and i have to face mid term test soon .... how to spare my time by doing so much things ~ i need study study and study ~ i miss secondary school's life ~ eventhough less freedom , but i manage to get my everything done ~ sigh , what can i do now ? im totally lost .... i am so frustrated to face so many problems everyday ~ when all these problems will gone ? my head gonna explode soon .... arghhh ~ now i jus wanna lie on bed and SLEEP ! zZzZzZ

Later , i wanna go bck again ~ every week return home , i felt so tired and its a wasting of time .. sometimes i rather stay at there and study ... but nobody wanna stay there for weekends... i have no choice and i have to return hometown with them ... but when im home , i will felt happy too , coz i can meet my family and friends ! i missss them sooooooo much ~ miss the times we all hang out together and have fun ~ but we cant return to the past anymore , we need to face reality everyday with smiles ~ Yeah !

First Time


Yesterday didnt go ipoh , bcoz i discuss with Allen , and he suggest go on saturday ~ that idea sounds good too ~ so we decided go on saturday...thank god , my parents let me go , if not i have to wear sandals to give presentation ~ i wake up so early bcoz heard my parents argue ... dunno what they argue lah ~ then i have breakfast with wei xiang , ck , seng le and jonathan while allen make appointment with dentist ...while waiting him finish , we go VA play XDO , then he sms me tell me maybe cannot go ... walao ~ i felt like struck by lightning and thunder ~ i dunno how to describe the feeling , because all my expectation and plan gone ~ the main point is i cant shopping ~!! Thank god , he sms me and tell me ntg d ...he can go ~ then only i can concentrate on XDO ~

Around 10.30 am , we bought bus ticket and sit on our seats waiting the bus driver ~ its my first time to go ipoh by bus with allen ( he oso first time go by bus ), thats y so excited and scare cant catch up the bus ~ on the way to ipoh , behind me there is 2 guys non stop talking from 11 am to 1 pm !! keep talking bout ragnarok ~ and tell wrong information to his friend =,= when i sit on the seat , i got a sudden feelings and wanna go to malacca with ck and kk again ~ that was a wonderful memories !

After 2 hours , we finally arrived and we go and look for the bus to jusco ~ the bus look like will collapse anytime , when u sit on the seat , u will feel like sitting on OSIM Massage Chair ~ it keep on vibrate from my shoulder to my feet ~ Allen and i keep laughing in the bus bcoz really funny... when we arrive jusco , the first thing is go bathroom and set our hair ~ haha ..after that , i straight away walk into Vincci to look for high heel ~ there are several nice shoes but when i wear it , it looks strange ~ then , we go to Nose and the shoes look even more weird ! then we go Padini Concept Store and met Jaraldine and Shin there ... LOL , she so sampat la... hahaha , Allen cant found his shirt and i got no time to shop there ... after that , we went for "big head shot" ~ im so happy coz finally i waited so long !! i wanna take it so badly eventhough its expensive ... we decorate 2 photo and others 2 didn decorate bcoz out of time ~ however i still felt very happy ... then Allen saw watch stall , and his eyes keep look at the stalls and pull me over there ... finally i choose a nice watch for him and he bought it ... i think it looks very nice ~ i saw another watch its so cute , there is elephant inside the watch and the strap is green colour !! i cant wear it coz look very childish ~ then we go to the face shop , and i bought foundation and mask ~ i very trust this brand bcoz the mouthpiece is Kwon Sang Woo ~ Yeah ! I love him ! After that i go to empro and have my eyebrow shaping ... phew ~ spent lots of money ~ then i made my decision and go Vincci take a look again , and i saw 2 pairs of shoes ... dunno which to choose because i like both of it ~ i ask Allen's idea , and he ask me to wear the first one , and then the second one ... he suddenly say this nice then change his mind and say another one nice ... finally , i ask the promoter ... haha coz i cant make decision ~ then i bought the first one ... the second got a ribbon , looks very cute ~ After that , we bought Pringles , sweets and herbal eggs as our lunch ~ today really happy coz i bought things i need and want ~ Its a happy day and ended with smiles =)

While going home ~

My shoes and skin care

The" Big Head Shot "

Eeeee ~

Thursday, June 19, 2008

Yesterday so tired , from 8 am till 5 pm ~ so many lecture class and tutorial class !! arghhh !! We had bought our dinner from pasar malam ~ i bought lots of sushi, fried ice cream and ABC ~ yo , i spent lots money ~ then wei xiang sms me ask us to go his house to discuss bout friday's plan... after we chit chat and decided that we will go ipoh by this friday , then we go westlake "long kai" ~ eventually , we stand there to feed mosquitoes ~ then we chit chat again ... bla bla bla ~ after that, we felt hungry and thirsty ... then we go to Ghany Corner and order roti KLCC ~ so huge man ! however it is enough to statisfy all of us ... we sit there and continue our conversation ~ ah b talk bout his black society things ~ then around 1 am , we only go bck... on the way bck , we saw police outside our flat ... then i quickly call chin yew and wei xiang bcoz chin yew lend me his helmet ~ thank god wei xiang answer my call and wei chung manage to get bck and give him the helmet .. then when i get bck i didn realise that allen bck ... luckily i didn take off my pants and run around ~ =.=" then i forgot take my napkin at their bathroom , and it is found out by chin yew !! it is soooooooooo EMBARASING ! ADUH !! and i swear i wont use their bathroom d ... i REALLY forgot d !! ahhh ~ so geli ah !! however , allen slept d , and i wondering did he know about the napkin things ? did he brush his teeth and wash his face ? i think no bah ~ p/s: the napkin is SUPER CLEAN !! no stain at all !!!!!!!!! i wondering do i have enough money to use this friday ? i think i will spent lots of money !! however, i felt so excited to go ipoh ! yeah !! its shopping time !!!! okay , its the time for discussion for mass com assignment !

Another Crazy Day ~

Tuesday, June 17, 2008

now i at my friend's house using her broadband ... hohohoh ... its free ... she is removing her make up while i looking for information for my public speaking assignment ... my notebook battery gonna used up ~ and a sudden feeling to write blog ... lol ~ jaraldine went bck d ... if not we will crazier ~ just now we went to unknown person house in westlake and look for a leng zai... he look cute but not my type ~ its rae's favourite ! LOL ~ we took several photo of him and wanna sell to Rae tomorrow ~ hahaha ~ its business time !

today accounting tutorial , i dun understand at all !!! the lecture give us know which for which things only , but didn explain why will like tis ... bla bla bla... its a bit different in malay ... although i got basic of accounting , i still have no confident to get tis subject a better grade... still worrying mid term test on week 7 !! Econ lecture teached so FAST !! Baby i couldnt follow up !! i need revision at home ...

Today i put my notebook to ICT and fix wi-fi ~ now still cant use it , maybe several days later then only can use ....after an hour , i go and get back ... i realise there were some SCRATCHES !! i hope i could kill the staff !! then i went to library outside and sit there online and playing our notebook ~ the view there very nice ... good feng shui ~ LOL

my friend just ran out and putting mask on her face , look like a ghost , but its funny !! hahaha... cherrie so funny !! I'm wondering what the heck allen and jonathan doing out there ? its late d lah ~ nvm la , i oso at my friend's house ~ LOL ! i miss my friend veeiean and ck , wondering what they doin ... but i think they slept already ~ my best buddy veeiean wanna move to KL taylor study already ~ while my baby sister still at my hometown continue her form 6 ~ miss the days we hang out together !! those are sweetest memories ever ~ ahh , battery gonna used up ~ stop right here

Bck To Study

Sunday, June 15, 2008

i need go bck study already , so many assignment waiting for me... im so tired and yesterday i looked for information till 4 am ...arghh black eye circle become bigger d ... ahhhh ~ i dunwan ah... so stress ~ everyday force myself study after bck from school ... so suffer ... some lectures are very very lousy especially econ , accounting and computer studies... their teaching method really poor to the max ! accounting is the worst , thank god i got the basic ... when econ class, there are thousand millions of question marks on my head ... i dun even know what she said... the way she talk , i dun understand at all...and need go bck revision or ask wei xiang ... bcoz his econ very good .... computer studies oso the same , she cant speak fluently ... she could say email to e-mere , spanish to spanise , table to cable , and she keep on say bla bla bla and no no no ... aduh .. im not saying they are not pro , just they cant be a teacher yet ... they need more training ... maybe they should go for public speaking class with us... sigh ... i hate enter class that i dun understand what the hell they are teaching ...

its another new week tomorrow , hope everything gonna be smooth as what i expect , i wish everything bck to the begining that we used to have fun together ... that was the greatest memories ever .. sometimes i wish i could go bck to secondary school , everyone so good , only treat friends with true heart , no betray , no nit to adapt to new environment ... no need scare this and that ... i realise i might GILA already , im so hyper nervous , what things i also worry , what oso scare , even wait for friends to fetch me , or wait ppl , i will nervous and scare maybe they forget me ... then i will start stomache ... i felt so insecure ... sigh ~ how to cure it ?

besides , i had sick for 2 weeks just after allen sick , i think 90% he infected me ... last week is the worst week of my life , im sick and i have to go to school , coz i scare i couldnt follow up if i missed any class... fever , cough , sore throat and running nose are coming for me ... i couldnt cough at school even in bus , i have to endure and go to toilet cough , so that nobody will scare of me ... when my throat itchy , i jus couldnt do anything except endure till my tears keep on fall , look like someone crying ... aduh ! 4 pm i gotta go bck by bus ... sigh ~

Nothing Last Forever

Saturday, June 14, 2008

why friendship wont last forever ... all my expectation were gone ... i thought we would live happily and best friend forever .... why would i cause so many problem ... am i the one to blame ? maybe i should move away ? im sooooo pissed off ... how could u compare an old friend to a new friend ... im so tired of it ... nobody knows gonna happen in the future ... however after this incident i know what to do next .... u hate me , and i treat u as a best friend ... why u changed to such person ? my expectation fall to pieces ... im no longer your best friend ~ all i can do just wish u good luck ... btw im not as stuborn as u thought because u dun even know me ... bye bye bye

A true friend is someone who thinks that you are a good egg even though he knows that you are slightly cracked

Rojak Rojak ~ 2 weeks

Sunday, June 1, 2008

study in a new environment and new place was difficult , because i gotta make new friends and there thousands of ppl ... i dun even know them ... i mean their real face ... i cant find a trustable friends except a few of my old friends ... so far , i met some friends that trendy , silly yet funny and love to show off ... aduhai ~ its so hard to smile when u dun even wanna smile ... force urself to smile .... no matter what they said , i need smile ... i need help them queue up alone for 2 hours while they chit chat at another place , and then they join me when almost my turn to take photo , i need to smile too and act like im NOT angry ... well i have no choice that i have to swallow the anger into my stomach and say happily NEVERMIND ! ... no wonder im getting fatter ... i hate acting and pretending , but i believe there will be some kind person out there waiting for me ...

last friday , i saw a super duper CUTE GUY !! omg he is hot like a stove !! his skin is so smooth just like the "taufu fa" and with great smile !! im melting ~oh gosh ! i cant forget the way he smile ... hope i can see him again ^^

one hour later , i need to get bck there again... lots of stuff waiting for me ... i need iron my clothes and prepare for tomorrow class .... i need go to school alone as my friend's time table different with me d ... sigh ... hard to imagine walking in the campus alone , having lunch alone , sit alone in class ... nvm , Agatha gave me the strength d and i believe i can make new friends ... tonight , wei chung gonna move into our house .... i think it will be fun tonight ! having party yeah baby !

Life without internet , i would die ! now im half dead ... coz i not yet get my laptop ... yesterday saw a laptop and i ask my dad buy for me , and he still wan to compare price with his friend company ... aduh !! and i still need wait around 2 or 3 weeks only can get my laptop !! gosh !! i wish i could have it now ! everything i study need to use laptop and internet ... notes need to
download from the wble ... so ... pls la dad , hurry up ~

My Baby Blackie ~

Last Week , my mom brought a chiwawa bck.. its just 2 months old ... so damn adorable ... when we put him in the cage , it keep on jumping and struggle to get out from the cage... then when i put it out , it pee on the floor ~ LOL ! and then poo poo again ! so funny when u see it poo poo and pee on the floor ... it will act like very "paiseh" ~ LOL ! it so active when i put it out , it keep on run around my sofa .... it loves to bite ~ especially my mom's shoe ... bite it and run away ~~ then i gave him a hamtaro soft toy ... it so happy and play it in its cage ... in the night , it whimper when i left it alone ... then i let it sleep on my leg ... such a cutie ! i accompany it till 2 am then i put it bck into its cage ... then on the next day , my mom and i bought it a toy and its food .. it is hyper active till my mom said she unable to take care it ... my mom decided to return it back ~ im so sad that i cried ... however my mom console me that it may found a better owner ~ that night , i accompany it and let it sleep on my leg while i surfing net ... then around 3 am i put it bck into its cage ... then the next morning , Veeiean and i bring the lil blackie bck to the shop ... then i need go bck kampar ... i nearly miss the bus coz i SDO with Veeiean till 1. 56 p.m and the bus start at 2 p.m ... thank god , Veeiean's car is fast enough to send me to another bus stop and FINALLY i get into the bus =D


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