Rojak Rojak ~ 2 weeks

Sunday, June 1, 2008

study in a new environment and new place was difficult , because i gotta make new friends and there thousands of ppl ... i dun even know them ... i mean their real face ... i cant find a trustable friends except a few of my old friends ... so far , i met some friends that trendy , silly yet funny and love to show off ... aduhai ~ its so hard to smile when u dun even wanna smile ... force urself to smile .... no matter what they said , i need smile ... i need help them queue up alone for 2 hours while they chit chat at another place , and then they join me when almost my turn to take photo , i need to smile too and act like im NOT angry ... well i have no choice that i have to swallow the anger into my stomach and say happily NEVERMIND ! ... no wonder im getting fatter ... i hate acting and pretending , but i believe there will be some kind person out there waiting for me ...

last friday , i saw a super duper CUTE GUY !! omg he is hot like a stove !! his skin is so smooth just like the "taufu fa" and with great smile !! im melting ~oh gosh ! i cant forget the way he smile ... hope i can see him again ^^

one hour later , i need to get bck there again... lots of stuff waiting for me ... i need iron my clothes and prepare for tomorrow class .... i need go to school alone as my friend's time table different with me d ... sigh ... hard to imagine walking in the campus alone , having lunch alone , sit alone in class ... nvm , Agatha gave me the strength d and i believe i can make new friends ... tonight , wei chung gonna move into our house .... i think it will be fun tonight ! having party yeah baby !

Life without internet , i would die ! now im half dead ... coz i not yet get my laptop ... yesterday saw a laptop and i ask my dad buy for me , and he still wan to compare price with his friend company ... aduh !! and i still need wait around 2 or 3 weeks only can get my laptop !! gosh !! i wish i could have it now ! everything i study need to use laptop and internet ... notes need to
download from the wble ... so ... pls la dad , hurry up ~


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