My Baby Blackie ~

Sunday, June 1, 2008

Last Week , my mom brought a chiwawa bck.. its just 2 months old ... so damn adorable ... when we put him in the cage , it keep on jumping and struggle to get out from the cage... then when i put it out , it pee on the floor ~ LOL ! and then poo poo again ! so funny when u see it poo poo and pee on the floor ... it will act like very "paiseh" ~ LOL ! it so active when i put it out , it keep on run around my sofa .... it loves to bite ~ especially my mom's shoe ... bite it and run away ~~ then i gave him a hamtaro soft toy ... it so happy and play it in its cage ... in the night , it whimper when i left it alone ... then i let it sleep on my leg ... such a cutie ! i accompany it till 2 am then i put it bck into its cage ... then on the next day , my mom and i bought it a toy and its food .. it is hyper active till my mom said she unable to take care it ... my mom decided to return it back ~ im so sad that i cried ... however my mom console me that it may found a better owner ~ that night , i accompany it and let it sleep on my leg while i surfing net ... then around 3 am i put it bck into its cage ... then the next morning , Veeiean and i bring the lil blackie bck to the shop ... then i need go bck kampar ... i nearly miss the bus coz i SDO with Veeiean till 1. 56 p.m and the bus start at 2 p.m ... thank god , Veeiean's car is fast enough to send me to another bus stop and FINALLY i get into the bus =D



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