May 10 - Teluk Batik

Saturday, May 31, 2008

May 10 , another boring day and i sneaked out from my house and went to teluk batik with Ck , Allen and Jonathan ~ too bad , we left Denise & Seng Le at T.I ~ goin to teluk batik was a sudden decision while we were playing cards ~ and Ck suggest to go to Teluk Batik ...everyone was so excited !! LOL ~ i rushed back home and changed a shorts , then rushed bck to the car and start our journey ~ On the whole journey we were taking photo and singing songs .... 4 of us look so SAMPAT and straight away jumped off from the car and rushed towards the beach ~ Lol !
Us .

Baby Ck & me

Allen & me

Denise <3 CK

Us Again !

May 15 - Pulau Pangkor

one sweet day on 15 of may ... i sneaked out from home and told my mom im going to setiawan with veeiean , alvix and yong ...actually we wanna go to pangkor and i didnt told my mom we changed our mind and go to pangkor ( sorry mama T.T ) ~ around 8 am we went for breakfast then we start our journey ~ hohoho ~ everyone was wearing pink ~ look so cute ! we take lotssss of photo ! like we never went to pangkor before .... we rent a motor and go around the island ~ even though the sun was bright , we still played at seaside at around 2 pm =.=" and build a weird shaped sand castle , then washed our feet at a resort's swmming pool , aduh ! ~ then we went to some historical places to take lotsss of photo AGAIN ! lol !!
alvix & me

my honey veeiean ~

our sand castle !

beautiful leh ~

dunno where ~ lol!

Hello !

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