Prince Frog 18th Birthday !

Monday, January 14, 2008

want to act sunshine boy worr =.=

so sweet ... de friend ...

war of gender

just stab him la... he one leg two ship

want die ?

they dunwan wait for us ... T.T

Playing games

Yeapie !

Us again !

Sister Forever !

Act Drunk Wor...

Same =.=

Make A Wish !


Me & CK

Friendship Forever ! Muackz

Yeah !! Insist to take in the car while driving !

Yesterday was Denise birthday ~ everyone was having fun there although just a few ppl... we went to polywata and then started to take pics ... acting and playing with knifes -.-" then we have our lil small party at his house... no doubt we are gamble king and queen... all the night , we played cards ... cards ... and cards !! lolz .. playing those stupid games and get punished by doing stupid things... everyone was trying to trick CK and Denise .. coz they look like couple... forcing Denise to propose to ck .. that was fun ! ahaha ! at 11.45pm , everyone get ready to light the candles... singing birthday song to him was hilarious.. it just doesn't sound nice ... ahahaha ! the cake was bought by CK ... we know as long she like it then Denise will like it too.. hohoho ! last thing to do is unwrap the present ! we bought him a wallet and others bought him shirts... ck and i made him a card .. well mine have pop out photo and its funny while CK have our photo and colourful ... my card make everyone laugh and ck cards melt denise heart ... haahaha ~ we take a lots of pics ~ around 100+ ... hope we can let him had a unforgettable 18th birthday party .... he seems very happy too .. we still waiting for his 21th birthday... but now ... we still have a Lil cute girl who still waiting for us to celebrate with her ... i think her hubby , Denise will give her surprise !


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