Tuesday, December 30, 2008


This New Year Sucks !

Thats all ..

Unhappy New Year 2009 !

All by myself ...

Why ?

I dont understand why we always be like that ...

I really dunno why ....

Why always misunderstand my meaning ?

I didnt feel that way but why ?

Why we cant look further ?

I dont want because of such small things and affect our relationship ...

Did i ever blame when u left me alone ?

When u busying with your thing and ur bf ?

Why become like this ?

I wish we could celebrate together too ...

But my condition wont let do so ...

I'm sorry

Am i too flexible for any decision u made ?

I did not care what your decision because im okay with it ...

But i hold other plans for u , just waiting your plan ...

But u changed the plan ...

But its okay now ...


Sorry , i just hate changing plan that we decided ...

Before Its Too Late

Sunday, December 28, 2008


I heard a story from my mom that one of her friend get 3 cancers at once ... i was like OMG =_= i know that auntie but i dislike her when having trip with her in HK .... i dunno why , just the first impression of her is really bad for me .... she is quite fat , yea honestly =_= i heard my mom said now she is slimmer than my mom ~ i was like HUH ?!? SERIOUS ?? and her status now is like the end of the disease ... and heard that her daughter have to stop studying in college or uni because of financial problem .... she is not rich so .... im so sorry to hear about that , its sad that she is still young ~ i think younger than my mom !! 40+ only ... i felt sorry for them even though i doesnt like her .... There are some reason that she get cancers .... she take diet pills and some voodoo story ... complicated ~ dunno which is true , but i believe diet pills will affect her health .... when i know she take diet pills and become like this , i really freaked out !! because i got take diet pills before but just for a week if im not mistaken .... my mom told me that im having constipation and easily get colon cancer ~ and then she said last time i ate a spagetthi that i microwave it in a tupperware that cannot be microwave it .... when i ate it , it taste bitter and i thought the vege bitter but i dunno it is poisonous !!! chemical substance ~ my mom asked me u eat many of it ? i said a little bit only , actually .......... i ate it all !!! end of the bowl !!!!!! Soooo depress la .... am i dying soon ? ahh very scare ... then today Alvix told me a girl having too much of water to diet and died .... i was like WHAT ? OMG ! i was the one who drink lots of water to diet !!! ALAMAK !!! i am very scare that i might died so suddenly ! ahhhh nothing is impossible ~ i am very very worried , so i must appreciate and cherish what i've got before its too late .... T__T ~ dun waste time , i think my body really got problem ... my mom said gonna bring me for body check soon ~ but when ? Everybody must treasure and cherish our loves one before its too late ... i love my family and friends !!! i dunwan lost them before its too late , and its too late for regret !!! T___T Also , god bless her ! hope she get well soon ....

Enjoy ~

This is a cute video for our webpage design assignment ~
Done by Miacco and Singee
Enjoy !


McFlurry !!!!!!!!!!!!


McDonald !

I hate you !!!!!!!!!!

I love you too !!!!!!!!!!!!!

I love McFlurry Oreo SOOOOO MUCH !!!!

Why Why Why ?

I am addicted to it !!!!!!!!

Very niceeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee !!!!!!!

When im upset ,

I need McFlurry !!

But it is extremely high calories !!!!!!!!!!!!!!

For 3 days im back to hometown ,

I had ate 3 Mc Flurrys !!

IM FAT FAT FAT FAT FAT !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Why i fall in love with McFlurry !!!

Im so sorry i love it very much !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I heart McFlurry !

Gotta stop eating it ......... T_T

I heart McFlurry !

[p/s : im lovin it]

Christmas !

Saturday, December 27, 2008


Just went back from school , then i started to pack my bags ~ going to ipoh count down with friendssss ... LOL stay overnight there ~ around 5 o clock , Louis come and fetch me with Jar and his doggie , Buddy ~ when arrived there, we went to Louis house for dinner with her mom and sis ~ tasty ~~~~ then we meet with two friends of Louis which is Bobo and [Fei Po] <<-- they called her like that ... not me =_= then we hop into the car and start to plan where to go ... then Fei Po suggest that we go Penang... then nobody disagree and everyone seems very excited ~ so we started to fly our car to Penang at around 9.30 pm ~ speechless ~ geng ...

Sit in the car for so long and finally we arrived at around 11.45pm !! we quickly go to Gurney there count down ... well , we dont know how to go so we go and ask for someone and a very kind guy guide us there ~ phewww thanks alot ... when we arrived Gurney ... there was like SO MANY peoples !!!! crowded !! then we gotta find a parking , lucky us found a parking ! yeapie !! a lots a lots of ppl !! very fun ... and a lot of "lalas" and "seafoods" too ... =__= so many good looking guy wear so LALA !!! what a waste !!! the most important is that i never expect to meet my ex there ... but we did ... LOL ~ no change except cuter than before ... then we walk along to MCD to buy a drink and some fire crackers then walk back ... LOL !! many ppl playing with the snow spray ~ even spray on us ... some childish even chase and run along the road while SO MANY people looking at them ... =___= ahhh looking at those couple hugging while walking or kissing while walking ... aiya ! what type of couple oso got ! so KEK aaa ~ holding hands and swing their hand like never swing before ~ hold their hands like never hold before ... kiss here kiss there .... hug here and there .... so "BO SONG" !!! hmph !!! when i get one bf , we will kissing while walking ! holding hand like super glue ! hug each other like stick together !!! HEMPH ~ when i get one first la ... T_T

i am lazy to describe others ~ lol !! around 2.00 am , we start our journey going back to ipoh and we stuck at the traffic for one hour and half ! im too tired so i slept in the car ... when i wake up , we were just arrived the toll of Penang ! at last , we arrived home at 5 am + ! =__= so swt ... hahahaha but overall it is a great experience ! yeah ! fun christmas !!

In next early morning , we have to wake up on 8 am ~ to enjoy Louis singing in the church ! hahahahahahaha i cant really hear her voice ... while listen to them , Jar and i fall asleep ~ and they found out ! Aiksss ~ embarrassing !! then we went for lunch at Kok Thai Restaurant... and we went back Louis's house to SLEEP !!!

Just when im in sweet sweet dream .... suddenly i recieved a msg from Allen that he is going back on 6.45pm due to some reason and it already 5pm ... SO SWT !! i was like wtf ? i havent prepared and im still in Ipoh .... at night , i still need to discuss assignment with Yee Shan ~ then i have to call Yee Shan told her everything , thank god , she help me do everything d ... phewww !! thanksss ! and i have to wake Louis up and ask her to fetch me back Kampar ... SO PAISEH !! Her mom planned to cook us a dinner and they have to cancel because of me ... ahhhh so paiseh !! then we quickly rush back .... flying car ~ and finally we manage to hop into the bus back to Teluk Intan at 6.45pm !! PHEWWWWW ~ thank god ... but everything is so so rush .... It is the last bus back so we are really lucky ...the bus is soooooo empty and there was only 3 passengers ... me , allen and another uncle .... so creepy !! even worst when the sun goes down.... while we chit chatting , suddenly Allen look out the window and stunned , then i am so curious what the heck he is looking at , so i turned over and saw 3 to 4 white tanglungs in the estate ... nobody there and so so dark ... there was only the tanglungs left there .......... Allen said no people so he want to take a photo ... i look at him deeply and ask are you sure you want to take photo ? Suddenly both of us felt so creepy and scare ! hahaha ~ the bus just look exactly like those ghost bus in movie .... old and dirty , the light somemore dirty and dark , also a bit reddish ... aiyerrrrr ~ Geli Geli Geli !!

So thats it ... =D


Friday, December 26, 2008

i am very tired .... so tired for everything that happened on me .....

arghhh why they just cant let it erase from my mind ...

dadada ! i gotta try my best to do it ....

i REALLY need a good sleep and good night because i sleep in the morning for these few days !

Monday to Thursday...

Feeling very unwell ..... gastric again =(

its okay , i need to go through it if i want to be slim !

I am very very happy that everyone said i lose weight d !!!


I am so AVAILABLE now , anyone interested ? LOL

[ tut .... ]

Power .

Wednesday, December 24, 2008


Awww ... i am very very tired ~ !

we have been doing the webpage design since 7 pm yesterday till the next morning 6.30am

we saw sunset and sunrise .... speechless

Yee Shan didnt sleep at all and still manage to struggle till now ...

finally , it is 95% complete ~ left linking together only ~

We have to fight for it tomorrow night .... Nooooo ~

Sick already lah !! T_T

Arhhhhh ... feeling very very unwell ...

no appetite till now .... i just ate a piece of bread and till now ...

no mood .... didnt eat anything also wont feel hungry ...

ahhhh .... very moody arh !!

Why this Christmas so .... T_T

By the way , wish everyone have a great christmas

Also , wish Edmund a very happy birthday !

[ p/s : where am i ? ]

Happy =)

hungry .
Ah Mi arhhh ~

Sing Ee ~~

Look at this SIAO PO


IC killers =_=


Bili Bala - ing

Look at those cheese powder we put ...

Enjoying =)

Jo Yi ~~ too hungry ke ?

Okay , its free of charge ...

eat ur phone !

Dont u think they look alike !! UNCLE SO CUTE !!

Yesterday , we TB6 ( Ginny, Jo Yi , Ashley , Jason , Miko , Ed , Yuen Ching , Sheny , Tan , Sing Ee , Miacco , Sin Yee , Uncle and me ) went to Pizza Hut after class ~ Jo Yi , Ginny , Pui Yean , Ed and Sin Yee BELANJA us eat ! Yeaaah ~ because five of us help them to act in their video of press conference.... lalalala ~ so nice ....

Before we went there , we went to a gift shop ... Miacco them busying find present for Rae ~ while i look at some watches there ... Pretty nice quality from Japan Quartz which have 1 year waranty , the most important is CHEAP ... Uncle seems so interested in it ~ It is metal watch i think very nice for guys and it reminds me of something ... Oklo , then we leave there and headed to PIZZA HUT !

So long didnt eat Pizza liao , Reason 1 is no $$ lar ... save save save ! Reason 2 is DIETING babe ! I successfully lose 4 kg ! Yoo hoo , after this lunch , i not sure then ... LOL because we ate a lot cheese powder ! it was like all over the plate ... it was like FREE ! Lol , it is free =D

We are soooooooo noisy ! aiks ... bili bala bili bala... play childish game - the killer without using poker cards but identity cards ? LOL ~ suggestion from Yuen Ching ... and the most freak out incident is that she poured cheese powder into my wallet .. i was like WTF ...=_=

Night ~

Tuesday, December 23, 2008


Sleepless nights for several days ...

First of all , i would like to thank the assignments ~ and by those lecturers !



Finally ... Lastly ... Eventually ...

Webpage Design , you are the only one that irritate me !


Being a perfectionist isnt easy ~ ~

Tonight will be the night i will hang myself at Yee Shan's house ....

Stupid presentation going to happen today ...

its a ordinary presentation and u expect us to wear coat ?!

Lets see , nobody will wear it ~ ( I think )

Yesterday was fun yet stress !

4 Siao Po s ! bili bala bili bala in the room ...

sleep on 2 beds , roll here and there ...

Naughty Yee Shan ~ tickle me and laugh till run out of voice ....

She really "sibeh" SIAO !

I am such a lazy bump ~

Because they do all the progress report and press kit ... except me ....

Okay lor sorry lor ~ im struggling with the webpage mar ~ hahaha

Struggling till the index webpage background photo also gone ~

now left all those donuts scroll over here and there ?

im still looking for my background photo ! Mana kamu pergi ??

I finally know where to go for this christmas ~

Hope it wont bored but definitely its a lonely christmas !

Gotta bath and make up for the presentation later ... soooo lazy ~!

[ p/s: i am losing grip that i used to ....hope i can gone through it ]

Nightmare ...

Monday, December 22, 2008


So swt ... i had a nightmare just now ... =_=

i rarely have nightmare ... i think this is the second times ...

if im not mistaken , the last nightmare i had was 3 years ago ...
well , this nightmare is so unbelievable and turn me into moody ... =(
Today i just knew that Thursday and Friday will have no classes ...They knew it last week ,
today i only started to scream "YEPPIE" ! LOL ...
Yea ... its a bit late ~

I havent know which day i will go back or i didn go back ~

Just depend on my friend , Allen whether got presentation ?~

Christmas eve ...

Where will i be at ?

Who will i celebrate with ?

No idea at all


Life is so miserable ....

Nobody to talk to ... except my bloggie ~

Yea , i love to express through my bloggie ...

its the only source i can relief stress ....

Phew ~ all by myself .....

Photo Of The Day :

Uncle sooo CO-OOL !!

cough cough cough *


Cough Cough Cough *

Sickness never leave me ....

Feeling very unwell ..

From my throat to my stomach ...

Why life so miserable ?
Wish i could skip it and start it all over again..
I ?

Tang Yuen Day [ in chinese ] =X

Sunday, December 21, 2008

Tang Yuen Season luh ~~~~~~
and i will be rolling my beloved TANG YUEN !!
i love to eat so much much much !
i asked my mom to bring many many back Kampar
and she said " U SIAO AR ?"
i was like okay lor ... =__= so swt !
but i still insist bring many many back to Kampar !!
she keep on say very hard digest ah bla bla ... means very fat =__=
it do freaks me out , coz im on diet !
no matter what , i will still eat it !!!!!

Then , someone rang my doorbell ...
it was Alvix ... standing outside my gate and its raining ...
looks like rain man =_=
then he help me to roll tang yuen and we do some silly act which makes my mom felt annoyed !
hahaha , i dun care anyway =P

we roll different shapes of tang yuen ~ and my mom scolded me ...
because she said ...
" do u try to give god eat this kinda thing"
then i was like ...
"oklo... sorry lo ... i will eat it "
hahahah look what shape we had done !!

Chill out ~ Smiley =) done by me ~

ur butt !!! by me too =D

ur boobs !!! by me XD

Mutated flower by Alvix

The abandoned Tang Yuen ~ Awww sorry ~

Mom , why do u look so fierce ?

btw focus on the tang yuens ~

bone ? by me ~

the S tang yuen ~

Lurve ~ Lurve ~


Speechless Tang Yuen by Alvix !!!

Colourful ~!

Delicious !!!!

Random photo of my mom =_=

Dirty Hand !!

woohoo ~

CLONE of the tang yuen =_=

Yummy !!

Look UGLY ~ Yes ... =_=

By the way ...
this is a love story of a TANG YUEN ~

Here it is ...

Once upon a time , three Lurves met each other in a crowded Tang Yuen city ...

Both of them fall in love and be together ~

But then , the heartless Lurve tang yuen changed his heart and fall for another Lurve tang yuen ...

And left this Lurve tang yuen all alone in a lonely city ....

The Lurve tang yuen broke her heart and commit suicide by jumping into my mouth....

and left the remained corpse of Lurve tang yuen ...
[ i ate it too =__=]

and the Lurve tang yuen has disappeared in this world ....

left nothing .... =_=

very swt right ? =__=
hope everyone have a happy tang yuen day ~

Hello !

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