Shopping Spree - 28 December

Monday, December 31, 2007

Going out with a gang of friend , that was really fun ... somemore go outstation ... hohoho !! I go to sungkai with A.K , W.S , C.K , K.K ...sitting on the car and chit chat all the way ... we start our journey at 8 .30 a.m ... before we go sungkai , we went to mini market buy 5 chicken eggs... because later we need to boil it .. hohoho...
At 10.00 a.m , we finally arrive sungkai ... actually , we can arrive earlier...because our friend wei siang recognize wrong way...that road was creepy coz no vehicles pass by at all.. just those malay riding motor without helmet... that road was very very straight and the trees around was so scary ... then tat wei siang play a JJ song... i forget wat song name d , but the starting just match the place we going coz its like those horror movie background music...then finally we arrived the end of the road .. guess what ? is a dunno what pusat hidupan liar ... -.- the staff there oso felt a bit weird , why these ppl come here ? then everyone laugh and reverse back ... then wei siang finally remember the road .. the road to the spring hot water was dangerous just like sitting on roller coaster ... looking at the sign board and show 9 km , 7 km , 5 km , we were so happy ... and finally finally finally we arrived hot spring water ... i didn bring my sandals.. so i borrow one sandal from k.k ..we two just wear one sandals and walk into the entrance... we walk to the toilet and change clothes..then they quickly rinse their feet into the hot water.. i dunno how hot the water is and didn see the sign board write how many degree celcius , then just rinse my feet into the hot water...i quickly jump out ... then k.k say actually nothing wan when u rinse a long time ... i say to him .. yaya..because our feet is cooked d right ? so no feeling d .. hahahaha..the water temperature is 40*C ... so hot hot hot hot!!! then me and c.k go to another pool .. 36-38*C pool...this pool at least is acceptable ... then i rinse my whole body into the pool with c.k ...when we walking to the cold pool ..everyone feeling abit dizzy ... then once we step into the cold pool..whoaaa! that was like iceberg cold !!! we walk slowly into the deep part .. because c.k a bit short so she hug k.k from behind just a lil couple.. feel so funny and happy to look at them ... ahahaha... then c.k dunwan hug k.k , but she hug me like a lesbian ... aiyerrr ... so geli .. ahahaha...around 12.30 pm we go to take a shower .. i shower with c.k in a same room ... amboi .. she ah .. so scare ppl look at her body part... but i oso peek her whole body d.. hahaha ..after bath everyone wear nice coz we gotta go for shopping ~! but we oso didn forget to boil our chicken eggs there .. coz its free service ..hahahaha ... once we bring the eggs into the car.. everyone trying to eat it while its hot ....

Our next station is ipoh ... the first thing we do after arrive is EAT ! then go shopping like hunter ... too bad i cant find any nice clothes .. some shirt i saw was nice but too expensive ... i saw a levis quarter jeans cost RM199 .. actually the price okay lah.. just i dunwan to buy because ... 2008 new jeans not yet arrive .. so gotta wait till 2008 only go shop again ... k.k promise to fetch us go to ipoh again .. however , the next thing to do is ... prepare to go out count down !! yeah haha ~

while in the car , kk and ck



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