Purrrr Lil Elvis

Monday, November 26, 2007

Last Friday, my sis brought back a Lil kitten.. she was a 3 months cute kitty lol .. her name is Elvis .. because when they take her back , they thought she is a male cat .. however she is a FEMALE ~ She loves pink ! she have a pink toy.. Every time when she saw this toy , she cant take her eyes off that toys ... She eat a lots and pee and poo on her " territory " only ... she have nice furrrrr ~ awww so happy every time i see her ... At night, we went out for dinner and we just put her in a room ... almost 2 hours she alone in the room.. once i open the door , she look at me and meoww ~ lol so funny ...i think she cried when i hug her.. her eyes were wet and have running nose ... so pity to see keep sneezing and even fart...playing with her was very exhausted.. she still cant figure out she had a tail.. she love to chase her tail and bite it ... lolz when she is bored with her toy , she play with a pink laundry bag .. yesterday my sister brought her back to kl d .. so sad to see her leaving ... my mom give her a few pink soft toys and the pink laundry bag.. lastly , she was CUTE and i miss her !

So fierce huh ?

" Huh ? "

Her toy ~

What a good poser ~

Hey , Where u looking at ?


Hello !

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