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Saturday, November 17, 2007


thats was me ! half year ago.. now i look like shit .. i attacked by acne !! eventhough my mom bought me a set of expensive face product but the pimples still cant cure..sigh...

i have a lotz of besties ~ they were my precious thing ... they make me laugh when im down

First , My 8 years friend - Veeiean

We laugh together and always insult each other .. its cute to have her as my best friend .. she was known as the flat washboard and i was known as elephant XD she was a cutie and i love her a lotzz.. she got a bf which she said kinda cool and handsome .. we share everything together and we do crazy things... love her always xoxo

Second , My 5 years friend - Alvix

He is my sister.. he is generous and naive although he is kinda small minded ... we always argue and argue and argue ... he was known as the Lily or Selina .. He love to sing and sitting in his car like the last journey ... he drives car very scary duh .. sometimes i even scream ~ last .. he love to act cute and show his dimple .. ahahaha talk cold jokes and funny =D

Third , My 3 years friend - CK

She was a shy and cute person ...when she get mad..Oh Ow.. means u r a dead meat ! she is clever and " tall " .. tats the reason she is cute .. haha .. she is a boy's killer .. our class boy kinda interested in her .. haha she was so shy .. however she love to sing and watch drama .. she always drive me to tuition and shopping .. she is kind and pretty and she is still a SINGLE !! she will always be besties always =D

Fourth , My 2 years friend - Allen

he was a super funny guy .. he love to sing and take pics ..all of us love to take pic .. he always wanna go to genting .. aduh .. he was like dreaming on walking on the stage or a fashion show.. hahaha he love to use difficult english word tat he doesnt know well to talk to us.. so funny to see him ... he always said he is not a fatty but not thin only .. ahahaha .. he brings a lot of happiness to us.. they also said me and him look like a couple .. but we know we wasnt and we were best best friend =) Veeiean and Ck always say us .. aduhai... make us felt paiseh only .. but we know we were just best best friends =)

Fifth , My 2 years friend - Sengle

He is a funny and horny person .. he is my sister too.. he always said tat he is sunny boy .. ahaha when he saw pretty girls , his eyes will blink and become gentleman and act polite .. ahaha .. he always come my house and we do revision together .. he do crazy things with us too .. he love to act cute and ask us tat who more handsome ... haha he will be my cute sister always ~

Sixth , My 11 years friend - Denise
He is a funny guy tat are very close with sengle... they were best friends ..he is also my besties , CK hubby ( rumours only ) hahaha he love frog coz he look like a frog .. he is kind and rich .. before his teeth surgery , he looks like daniel .. now he look more handsome .. we always call him uncle .. haha .. he is very clever and smart in account , same as CK .. they were so funny together ... Friends Always , Buddy !


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